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Osceola, MO (PressExposure) July 03, 2008 -- Looking forward to celebrating 4th of July, but dread it for your dog? Wondering how you can you help your dog cope with the trauma of all that noise and not get the….scared out of him? These are the concerns of many dog owners as we approach 4th of July.

“It’s a little late to desensitize your dog’s fear of noises for this years 4th of July celebrations, but you can work on it for next year”, stated Tracy Lenderink of

Lenderink continued with, “There are 10 dog training steps to be aware of including Do’s and Don’ts that will greatly help your dog to cope with all of the noise of 4th of July.”

Further along in the interview I got Tracy to give me the Do’s and Don’ts. But she insisted on mentioning the Don’ts first because she prefers that dog owners be aware of the Don’ts but focus more on the Do’s.

Don’t give your dog a lot of attention and praise this will only reward his fear.

Don’t try to sooth and coddle him it will only reinforce his behavior. A reassuring touch and calm word will do keep it short.

Don’t scold or punish your dog.

Don’t lack consistency in your dog training and leadership, by letting your dog do something you don’t normally allow like: get into bed with you, or get on the furniture, etc. be consistent in your training and stick to the rules! Insists Lenderink!

Do put your dog in a safe, comfortable place as far away from the noise as possible.

Do put cotton in his ears to help muffle the noise.

Do play some music or a movie that is soothing and play it loud to distract your dog.

Do give your dog a special toy like a Kong with food inside of it. Or a hollow sterilized dog bone that you can stuff food in the center. If he is use to raw bones then get a big raw bone for him to chew on, if he isn’t use to raw bones don’t go that route, too much at first could give the dog loose stools.

“Food helps to relieve stress, if they will eat in their state of fear, said Lenderink, some dogs won’t eat, they just pant and shake.”

Do ask your vet for some anti-anxiety medication if this suits you. “But I don’t like using drugs for me or my dog, stated Lenderink, only if absolutely necessary. I prefer herbs.”

Do try some calming and sedative herbs: Chamomile, Valerian, Catnip, Lemon Balm a trip to the local Health Store may prove to be very helpful. Most have sections for pets. Let them know what you needs are. Most likely they will have something you can give your dog to calm his nerves, commented Tracy.

With deep concerns for the dogs that are frightened of loud noises , Tracy Lenderink, who has 40 years of working with dogs and their owners, stated that it is very important to have a strong leadership role with your dog. It actually helps sooth them.

Anyone can get the rest of the story on desensitizing their dog to loud noises by contacting Tracy. To help with understanding how to properly communicate leadership to your dog get a Free copy of Tracy’s Ebook, “Discover The Simple Dog Training Secrets Of A Pro”, by going to her website: Email:

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