Big Seminar X, Internet Marketing Convention, Being Hosted Atlanta Georgia With Best Of Best Speakers, Like Jay Abraham?

Livonia, Michigan (PressExposure) October 03, 2007 -- Detroit, Michigan -- This is will be the biggest and the best internet marketing convention in the world as it is 5 year celebration and anniversary. Mark Maupin and Janak Mehta from Michigan said “We credit our huge success in our business over the last 11 months to this educational and networking internet convention. We have over 30 new customers a month due what we learned at the last two Big Seminars.

The following are the line of expert speakers for Big Seminar #10 Internet Marketing Convention:

* Jay Abraham ‘After Making $2.5 Billion for Himself and His Clients… Even If person has No Money, No Product, And No List! Jay Abraham, Will Be Spilling His Success Secrets At The Big Seminar X!’

“World’s Number One Marketing Wizard”, Jay has ballooned the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries worldwide in the last 25 years alone.

He has an almost magical knack for uncovering hidden assets and profit centers that are probably sitting under your nose right now!

Jay is one of only a very few people in the world who realize that most businesses only know and use one particular marketing approach — even though there may be dozens of more effective and profitable strategies and options available to them... usually by my merely leveraging the resources they already have at their disposal.

Well, Jay is a perfect example of putting that leverage into action!

* They call John Carlton "the secret weapon"

Secret, because he has so far avoided the harsh limelight of fame, preferring to lay low and let his work do his talking. Secret Weapon, because any marketer lucky enough to hire this brilliant writer will see profits skyrocket

John Carlton has been a top freelance advertising copywriter for over 21 years now. Many of his ads are legendary among writers and clients. He brings an edginess and street-savvy to ad writing that actually forces viewers to read every word. And the big question has always been: "How does he pull off these must-read, insanely-profitable masterpieces?" Well, here is his first "tell all" book. Finally. And he spills all the beans. Every trick and secret and proven tactic... from writing head-turning headlines, to crafting a closing offer they simply cannot refuse.

* Michel and Sylvie Fortin “A Success Plan Straight From The Kitchen?”

Speaking on stage together, Michel and Sylvie are not only partners in life; they are also secret weapons to some of the most successful Internet marketers in the world.

Michel is a multi-million dollar copywriter and owner of several successful websites. He knows how to use words to grab readers "by the eyeballs," boost response to record rates, and transform floundering businesses into moneymaking machines.

Sylvie's company,, provides outsourcing, project management and customer support services to the same group of million-dollar marketers, working mostly "behind-the-scenes," turning so-so marketers into millionaires and multi-millionaires with her help.

Working closely with these top marketers, both Michel and Sylvie Fortin intimately know what works and what doesn't. As a result, they have created a unique, step-by-step online success "recipe" that can help anyone cook up their own wealth-creation success plan, called "Success Chef."

This brand-new system is making its official launch at Big Seminar X. (To commemorate this occasion, Michel and Sylvie also plan on giving away a special prize worth $6,000, so you need to be there!)

Now's participants rare opportunity to listen to them live as they unveil this revolutionary system that can simplify your income-producing efforts, streamline what they need to know to grow it exponentially, and discover, precisely, what they need to use, follow, and do to get there.

* Matt Bacak “Advanced Marketing Tactics Only the Big Boys Use”

Matt Bacak is one of the best people for taking "unknown" names and launching them to "guru" status. He is the "man behind the scenes" for many of today's best-known names.

Matt will show you the exact system he uses for his clients and how participants can model it.

If you want to learn how to really promote their business and themselves, and do it quickly, with a minimum of expense, then you need to know what Matt has to teach.

Matt will teach participants to gain a wider audience for their sales message (whatever that might mean for them), are an author who wants to see their book sales take off, or are marketing or selling a product and need to reach more people, they won't want to miss Matt!

Matt is known as the "Powerful Promoter" - and when he lays out his step-by-step system for participants, you'll be very excited by the potential for your own business.

Ralph Marcus Maupin, one Matt’s students said ‘I meet Matt at the Big Seminar and have gone on to do his training which has done nothing but make our Real Estate Club in Michigan a major success from growth and profitability standpoint. We also started a new press release business on line with over 10k receivable a month. Matt’s coaching has open up my eyes on how I look at my life and view business. I love the Big Seminar and their Speakers!’

* Declan Dunn “A Pioneer of Internet Marketing”

Declan Dunn is the founder of the only Internet Marketing System proven in companies large and small, The Dunn Direct Media System, which empowers businesses globally online. Dunn Direct Media has helped many small businesses as well as larger companies, such as American Express, Network Solutions, Priceline, One World Live, Jingle Gram, Intel, Office Max, PBS, ABC, Travelocity and Toshiba.

Dunn Direct Media is the 21st century form of direct marketing. Direct media means using audio, video, and traditional direct marketing to generate leads and sales. It is drawn from Dunn's 14 years of experience creating results for clients of all sizes. Instead of theories, Dunn Direct Media plugs you into the same system used by the Fortune 1000's to dramatically improve sales.

* Jody Colvard “Blog and Podcast Power Marketing Strategies”

Jody Colvard is the co-founder of the FunMoneyGood Network, an inspirational and motivational social media network, which empowers writers, speakers and experts with a global online platform to share their voices and messages through blogs and podcasting.

The FunMoneyGood Network is coupled with Jody's and Declan Dunn's Right Now Marketing System which has helped many small businesses as well as larger companies, such as One World Live, JingleGram, Intel, Priceline, Office Max, PBS, ABC, Travelocity and Toshiba Jody's latest projects are Be a Show Host.Com. Where she shares her vast experience with radio, video, image consulting, talent manager and public speaking to help people's dreams of stardom come true using all the amazing technology available to us today. Jody's other project is the, a directory housing the voices of women from all over the world.

Jody's goal is to globally empower women on the Internet with the knowledge and tools that will allow them passion in their business, freedom in their finances and the ability to give to themselves and others, hence the motto for FunMoneyGood: "Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good."

* Ryan Diess “Underground Membership Mastery”

Very rarely are there any real secrets about marketing on the Internet. Most of the time it's just good common sense. That is until my good friend Ryan Diess told my how he was making millions of dollars through underground membership sites. Ryan has developed a system which has literally exploded his business. It really is one of the true innovations I have every seen in online marketing.

The best part is Ryan has agreed to show you exactly how he has been doing it. Oh yeah, NONE of his sites are about making money. These are highly targeted niche sites anyone can make.

Janak Mehta and Mark Maupin Said “ We heard Ryan at previous Big Seminar and just attended his ‘Ultimate Membership Site Bootcamp’ thanks Matt Bacak, Big Seminar we now putting together membership site that will major increase our bottom line.”

* Donald Trump Only Partnered With One Person to Write Book about Asset Protection and That's JJ Childers

One of the most important things you absolutely need to know and do is to protect yourself as your business grows. If you don't, you run the risk of falling prey to a plethora of predators... and you stand the chance to lose it all in the blink of an eye.

But, let’s face it. There are people running all over the Internet claiming to show people how to protect themselves and their assets, yet very few people can really show them how to do it legally ethically and morally. (Along with a few inside secrets no other attorney or asset protection specialist would dare divulge!)

JJ Childers can show participants how their business will be protected for generations to come, so they can grow their business, boost their wealth and sleep better at night knowing you're safer and "no longer exposed." participants don't want to miss this one!

*Armand Morin “Host for Big Seminar”

Armand is host for the Big Seminar and many of experience internet marketers already know him through my numerous "generator" businesses, products or websites. If some has been online even just for a little while, I'm confident they have seen some of Armand’s products or websites.

In Atlanta, 2007, Armand plans to reveal to attendees his secret formula for Internet Success. The Internet is confusing and Armand will to show attendees how he built a multi-million dollar Internet business in just a few short years... and more importantly how they can, too!

Internet Marketers will be coming from all over the world to learn from the leading internet experts and gurus at the Big Seminar #10. The event is October 5th, 6th, and 7th 2007; Big Seminar site goes into many more bonuses on the event.

Their website link: [http://www.TheBigSeminarX.Com]

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