Big Seminar X Three Day Internet Marketing Convention and Networking Event is the Biggest, Most Outrageous Marketing Convention for New and Experienced Investors

Livonia, Michigan (PressExposure) October 03, 2007 -- Livonia, Michigan -- When you speak of internet marketing and speak to those who are really in the game. They all come to the Big Seminars hosted by Armand Morin. More and more people are entering the internet marketing arena each and every day... Causing a mass explosion of competition in every possible niche market online!

Ralph Marcus (Mark) Maupin and Janak Mehta of Michigan As newbie to Internet Marketing 12 Months ago Said “The Big Seminar is a great place to get Instant Access to Top Internet Marketers. As a result of strategies we learned at the big seminar we:

• started a new online press release and classified submission service company • Know how to attract new clients for our real estate investing club and press release service • Doubled our revenue to our real estate investment club, which is also the most expensive club in our market • Did a Joint Venture with Top Internet Marketers that resulted in over $75K in sales in just two days • Now do not worry about attendance at our club. We now know with our prior efforts we will have a base number of people that attend each month as a result of leads generated from the internet. • And, most importantly, Janak was able to quit his full time job at Ford Motor Company.”

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced internet marketer you have to attend this amazing event.

We can’t wait for the next one to see what new secrets are revealed.

It will affect everyone marketing online—publishers, software developers, affiliate marketers, web designers, freelancers, consultants, ecommerce store owners, big companies, small companies, EVERYONE!

But it won't be the big companies that cause massive failure after failure across the Internet Marketing world as we know it. Nope!

It'll be the millions of everyday people from all over the world that are rushing in from every direction to start their own online business. THEY are the ones creating this devastating shift across the landscape. And who can really blame them?

After all, starting a business today has never been cheaper, easier, or faster in all the history of the world.

And what makes internet marketing unique is its easy entry by ordinary folks. The average person now has a realistic way to start a legitimate business and grow it very quickly.

It’s not unheard of for marketers to retire after a short time in this business. That’s a very powerful lure.

It wasn’t that long ago when you had to build an expensive brick and mortar business from the ground up. With employees and hundreds of thousands in startup capital—at a minimum—to succeed. And that’s if your business didn’t go under.

Even franchises, which are plentiful nowadays, tend to start at $100,000.00 and go up from there. Plus the risk is a lot higher than most people are prepared to accept.

Internet marketing, on the other hand, requires a very low cost of entry by comparison. And an equally small risk. It can be run by just about anyone from anywhere. There are no licenses, certifications, special credit, or qualifications of any kind to get started.

There are no educational requirements or major technical skills needed. In short, practically anyone in the world can start an online business and be making money in minutes.

Try that with a "traditional" business.

And the word is getting out. It's fairly easy to see how this reputation of real profits with minimal risk or startup capital can quickly crowd the marketplace.

Because you quite literally CAN start a business for a few dollars from your kitchen table and have the potential to generate millions.

Internet Marketers will be coming from all over the world to learn from the leading internet experts and gurus at the Big Seminar #10. The event is October 5th, 6th, and 7th 2007, here's the link:


call for information: 248-762-0800

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