Bio-Synthesis Expands Proteomic Platform with Enhanced Peptide Tools

Lewisville, TX (PressExposure) January 31, 2012 -- Bio-Synthesis Inc. (BSI), is proud to announce new peptide tools that can help researchers analyze and design their peptides more accurately and efficiently. By utilizing BSI's homepage ( ), users will have access to the Peptide Property Calculator, as well as the Peptide Library Design Tools.

The peptide property calculator is a comprehensive web-based tool which calculates the various physiochemical property of the protein sequence. This tool calculates properties like Chemical formulae, Molecular weight, Isoelectric point, Extinction Co-efficient, and more. The property calculator can also predict hydrophobic or hydrophyllic regions, secondary structures, transmembrane regions, flexible regions and the probability of input sequence on the surface of the cell.

The Peptide property Calculator can also handle any junk character entered by the user which would be impassively removed from the input sequence. End users are guided step-by-step to make use of the tool from the beginning to end and also to interpret the results coming out of the tool. Easy-to-use features allow for amino acid sequences to be entered in single letter code or even the three letter code. The resulting graph surfacing from the hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity plot can be exported or copied to various locations and scrutinized. The calculation of each feature in the tool is based on the algorithm taken from reference papers.

Bio-Synthesis has also implemented Peptide Library Design Tools to its rapid high-throughput parallel peptide synthesis platform. These seven powerful peptide library generation tools provide researchers with the ability to generate large numbers of screening peptides which involves epitope mapping, sequence optimization, and sequence stabilization. The designs can include libraries made from Overlapping, Alanine Scanning, Positional, Truncation, Random, Scramble, and T-Cell Truncated peptides.

The advanced tools are added to a long list of design programs provided by Bio-Synthesis. With the Peptide Property Calculation and the Peptide Library Design Tools now available, researchers can analyze their sequences and make immediate adjustments to their project.

About Bio-Synthesis, Inc

About Bio-Synthesis

Bio-Synthesis is a manufacturer of custom peptide synthesis, antibodies, bioconjugates, DNA, RNA, PNA, organic synthesis, microarrays, gene synthesis, cloning, detection kits, cell line authentication, and a diverse number of bimolecular products for the biomedical/life science community worldwide.

With over 27 years of experience producing custom products for both research and pharmaceutical use, BSI has developed a reputation for both small and large scale synthesis using optimal processes that meet your specifications. BSI is a U.S. based company, therefore all products are exclusively manufactured at the state-of-the-art facilities in Lewisville, Texas.

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