Biotin Hair Growth Dietary Supplement Found Effective

Reston, VA (PressExposure) July 06, 2011 -- Biotin is a safe dietary supplement that is now commonly being taken to promote hair growth and health. Though results are not universal, Biotin hair growth dietary supplements have been found highly effective and new site at covers a number of important details about using Biotin for hair growth. According to Daniel Delos, the site's founder, "Biotin for hair growth should be one of the first hair loss remedies anyone considers because it is safe, has a number of additional health benefits, and if necessary, can effectively complement other hair growth products."

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B7, is a general dietary supplement with a broad range of health benefits. This is because Biotin is a necessary component in a number of essential cellular processes including cell growth, metabolism, and the generation of biochemical energy from food. A detailed list of the known general health benefits from Biotin can be found at and include: health and growth of hair, nails, and skin, improved metabolism and blood sugar stability, and heart health (reduces cholesterol levels). Whether you take Biotin for hair growth or any other reason, it is safe with no known side effects even at high doses.

The Biotin Hair Growth website, also quotes feedback from third party sites about Biotin for hair growth and health. From such reviews, it is apparent that Biotin hair growth results are not universal though unfortunately this is true of any hair growth remedy today. However, it is clear that a significant proportion of those taking Biotin for hair growth do find the supplement highly effective. Additionally, many people found biotin provided other unintended positive health benefits.

Biotin for hair growth is clearly becoming an established presence among hair loss remedies. As stated by the Biotin Hair Growth website's founder, it is a smart first choice to try for anyone looking for a hair growth solution because of safety, affordability (compared to other hair loss remedies), ability to complement other hair growth products, as well as the broader health benefits. Until the day that a universal panacea for hair loss is discovered, those experiencing the stress or trauma caused by gradually losing one's hair will welcome the use of Biotin for hair growth.

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