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Carmel, IN (PressExposure) February 02, 2009 -- Founded in Switzerland in 1931 by Dr. Hugo Brandenberger, the organic beverage company, Biotta Inc., has remained dedicated to their continuous goal of producing top-quality juice from fruits and vegetables just as nature intended, fresh from the field to the bottle. Over the years, Biotta has farmed more than 1,700 acres of chemical, fertilizer, and toxic-free land a very rare find among today’s farmland. Along with three generations of family farmers, Biotta has established reliable and scientific organic growing techniques, which leads to a uniquely designed preservation process protecting the natural wholesomeness and taste of all ingredients.

Biotta juices only use natural and physical processing methods in their manufacturing as opposed to chemical methods. Nothing artificial is added to the manufacturing process. Production routines at Biotta have a direct impact on the quality of the juices: the fewer processing steps the higher the nutritional value.

All Biotta organic juices are made from naturally grown fruits and vegetables. The quality of Biotta’s produce is the foundation of the nutritional value of their juices. All fruits and vegetables are field- ripened and are selected of the highest quality standards in relation to flavor and content After thorough washing and inspection of the raw materials, the selected fruits and vegetables are placed in a close manufacturing process. The next time oxygen and the product will meet is when the consumer opens the bottle. This process is one of three key steps that add to the Biotta’s quality.

The second stage is juicing. Instead of pressing the fruit, where it may lose some nutritional value due to the rough process, Biotta pulls the juice out the fruits and vegetables through a very gentle process called decanter technology. Decanter is a short process by centrifugation (separating the juice and pulp) which takes only a couple of minutes and does not damage the fruits and vegetables, allowing maximum nutrition to be maintained in all of Biotta’s juices.

The third and final stage is pasteurization. Biotta juices are pasteurized at an average temperature of 85 degrees, whereas many competitor juices are sterilized at over 120 degrees C. The low levels of pasteurization process permits Biotta’s juices retain the high nutritional value and allow two years of shelf life.

Biotta not only believes producing high quality functional organic juices, but values being an environmentally friendly company as well. Biotta sells the unusable by- products of the fruits and vegetables to farmers for use as organic animal pomace; ensuring every element of the crops is put to good use. In addition Biotta uses only glass bottles and their labels are made from recycled paper. Glass provides the best product protection and allows for full retention of flavor, content and aroma. Lastly, all water used is filtered leaving the plant as clean or cleaner then when it initially arrived.

Biotta offers 2 categories of juices that feature the FDA label “100% organic” on the bottle: the functional vegetable juices and functional fruit juice. The product line currently includes 12 delicious flavors; Beet Juice, Bilberry Juice, Breuss® Vegetable Juice, Carrot Juice, Celery Root Juice, Sauerkraut Juice and Vegetable Cocktail Juice, Potato Juice, Energy Drink, Elderberry Juice and Breakfast Juice. The special element highlighted in the fruit and vegetable juice is the effectiveness and health value, which range from supplying nutrients to boost ones immune system to aide in digestion.

Being in business for over 50 years, exporting to over 40 countries, and being recongized as one of the top selling fuctional juices in Europe confirms the quality and excellent taste of Biotta juices. Biotta Juices are 100% organic juices naturally rich with vitamins and minerals for your health and wellness.

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