Bira, Indonesia - A Great Location For French Citizens to Enjoy Their Month Off

Bira, Indonesia (PressExposure) August 26, 2014 -- August - The time of year where much of France is off, as the government dictates that most businesses must close. France's August climate is decent at between mid-50s to mid-70s F, but that doesn't compare to Sulawesi's August climate of low-70s to upper-80s F. The latter climate speaks beach weather to most people, a climate one cannot really find in France. Additionally, France's month-long vacation results in the country being very busy, as both citizens and tourists are touring the country. That may suit some people, but for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation, French citizens are wise to find solace elsewhere. Sulawesi can be just such a place.

In addition to the low-70s to upper-80s land temperature, Sulawesi has water temperatures no cooler than 70 F. There are many locations off of France that never reach that water temperature, so swimming is not really an option in those locations. In addition, 10 out of the 12 months of the year are considered to be "non-rainy," so the sun is bright and out often. Conversely, parts of France can be stormy during August. Add in the fact that Sulawesi has some of the clearest, bluest water available on planet Earth, and this is all of the more reason why many French citizens will be looking at Sulawesi as their August vacation destination.

These beautiful waters stay beautiful because of the island's volcanic rock; this rock helps to keep the sands from clouding up the oceans whenever heavy rains do occur (January and February). The exquisite beauty of the water and the sand combined help to create Sulawesi's tranquil, serene setting, perfect for those French citizens looking to escape their country's busiest tourist month.

In addition to this beautiful setting, there are excellent diving spots and wondrous marine life to explore in Sulawesi. Every week reveals new diving locations, thus adding a sense of surprise and intrigue to Sulawesi. There are seven main reefs, and each one has various species of marine life in and around them. Some of these species include Hawksbill Turtles, Manta rays, whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, hammerhead sharks, Parrotfish, and more. The chance to see rare species that are mostly non-existent elsewhere is another enticing reason to visit Sulawesi.

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