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Hobart, Washington (PressExposure) December 17, 2008 -- Blacksmith Zone has just released a new section of their website that has all of the Blacksmithing Power Hammer. This is part of a new community website that is all about Blacksmithing. Members and non-members can visit this Blacksmithing page on the Blacksmith Zone website for free at: Blacksmith [].

Here is an excerpt from the new Blacksmith Power Hammer information webpage:

“The picture of a blacksmith most people have in their minds is that of a big well muscled man standing in a shop with a raging furnace in a corner and using a huge hammer to shape a piece of red hot metal. The principles of blacksmithing have not changed with the passing of time and the basic concepts of the trade remain the same. Except now the blacksmith does not have to be a huge overly muscled man with the ability to apply massive force to the hammer blow. By the end of the 19th century power hammer became available that allowed metal to be worked into shape without the application of human muscle.

The first hammers that did not use direct muscles power to strike the metal were trip hammers. These were lifted to the top of their frame water power (and later by steam) and once they were at the top of the frame, were released and fell with their own weight to make the strike. Basically, it used gravity to create the force of the blow. Power hammers are a development of the trip hammer. In the case of the blacksmith’s power hammer, energy is stored in the form of compressed air or steam and using a system of mechanical linkages this energy is added to the force of gravity and increases the force of the hammer blow. Power hammers are categorized according to the force applied at the time of the hammer hitting the metal and large industrial hammers exceed 100 tones in force.”

There is plenty of more information on the new general information Blacksmithing Power Hammer website that can be found by visiting: Blacksmith Tools [] . There is also a special going on now that allows members to gain access to free ebooks and other free materials just for signing up as a member of the blacksmith website for free at: Blacksmith []. Users should check back often to the Blacksmith general page as more information will be added as the website expands and grows.

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