Bleachorexia - A New Obsessive Teeth Whitening Syndrome

Aylesbury, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 11, 2008 -- This has been mainly driven to glossy magazines and TV programs which show stars with bright white teeth but this unrealistic. Many people now have teeth that are whiter than the normal color scale as they keep looking at treatments and techniques that whiten the teeth past their natural teeth coloration.

Calling it "bleachorexia," teeth whitening professionals say more and more people are coming in with unrealistic expectations for their teeth, wanting pearly whites that are several shades lighter than what's natural.

To a degree, what is happening is that whiter teeth are the standard and consumers will go to virtually any length to get a whiter shade.

On places like eBay many teeth whitening products are sold some of these are distributed outside of the EU making it very difficult to control and then consumers are not informed of what are in some of these products.

With more people becoming focused on improving their appearance, many are choosing teeth whitening. The natural color of teeth changes as we age. Stains from food, tobacco and liquids that we drink cause dark discolorations. Fortunately the process is no longer something that has to be done just in a dentist office, or only at very high cost. A little internet research can be performed to find the best choice for your needs.

Improvements in technology as well as scientific knowledge about stains have changed the way we take care of our teeth. Teeth whitening UK

Just look at any movie star. If their teeth are as brilliant as diamonds, chances are that they are taking advantage of one of the two laser teeth whitening systems currently available. When you choose to visit your laser teeth whitening specialist then the chances are they will check your teeth for suitability before commencing work to ensure optimum results. Many famous people like the movie stars will pay a premium for veneers as this gives the white bright smile that lasts without having to change your daily habits that created the stains in the first place. These include nicotine, caffeine, tea, red wine and gravy.

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