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Washington, DC (PressExposure) August 18, 2009 -- People who do not know about blogging usually ask to people who do them why they do it. they usually follow it up with an argument about what a diary is. one of them is that since a blog is like a diary they say that there should be some kind of secrecy to it because you write in there your personal private thoughts that should not be shared with other people.

They get puzzled by this things that it become difficult for them to understand the concept behind blogging. The usual reply of people who blog tell us that because this is not really a diary but something that will help us in expressing what we feel and allow us to share it with the world. in a sense it is something just like a diary but only in that it is where we write the things we like about and it is unlike a personal diary where things written in it should be considered private. using the internet as a medium to communicate about the inner thoughts and processes on our minds tell you that it really is not a diary but a way in which we could freely express ourselves and get feedback.

Did you know that there are many other uses for a blog? There are those who use blogging as a beginning for a business. They write about their business, their products their services and post it so that people will be able to see them and be informed about their business. They use the blogs as a means of advertising their businesses and put links that will connect you with another sites about their business. They take advantage of the technology to be able to make big money out of it.

There are also people who just want to inform other people about different kinds of things. They share information about a variety of things like gadgets, entertainment, politics, academics almost everything that they can think of. Blogs can also become like a section where people can interact and share thoughts and feelings with each other. Blogging can also be a form of escape where the people who write get to express who they really are and the people who read get to be entertained by the things written in.

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