Blu Frog Wildly Healthy Energy Drink! The New Red Bull

South Ozone Park, NY (PressExposure) February 05, 2009 -- BluFrog Energy drink is a wildly healthy energy drink that's fully loaded with all the healthy ingredients that your body needs. Blu Frog is 100% energy in a health-infused, good to gulp drink. This energy drink gives you off the chart sustained energy without the crash that comes from most energy drinks. And the taste is fantastic. An altogether different beverage species, Blu Frog fuels your metabolism naturally, giving you a leg up on performance, endurance, concentration. Jump start something good. Down a Frog, the Hip Way to Get Your Hop On.

The biggest problem with energy drinks is the crash after the energy high. People also complain about the taste of energy drinks. Blu Frog energy drink gives you off the chart sustained energy without the crash. And it taste great. But don't let the great taste fool you.

Blu Frog is all hopped up on healthy. The sugar comes from naturally good stuff like organic fruits and the caffeine's au-natural too. Blu Frog has hard core vitamins and herbs that rev up the juice factor which lets you push it to the max. Whether you're pulling an all-nighter, cranking up the morning or cruising through a ridiculous afternoon, you get an off the chart energy boost without the crash.

The best part of Blu Frog that no other energy drink offers is you can make some serious cash just for drinking Blu Frog and sharing it with others. Where else can you drink a healthy energy drink and get paid serious cash for talking about it? If you want to drink something healthy and earn some serious cash just for helping get the word out, then hop along with Blu Frog.

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The Limu Company located in Lake Mary, Florida has been in business since 2003. Debt free and profitable from day one, their first year sales exceeded $10 million dollars in wholesale volume.

In its first 2 years and with one single product, they have grown faster than Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo, Nike, and even Wal-Mart. Their flagship product, Original Limu is a liquid superfood that gives the body the raw materials needed to help itself to heal.

Not only has The Limu Company helped thousands of people to improve their health in over 24 countries, they are also helping thousands of people make more money than they ever dreamed of and live the kind of lifestyle they desire.

They have now expanded their efforts into the energy drink market with a new wildly healthy energy drink called Blu Frog. The Limu Company offers individuals the opportunity to drink a healthy energy drink and get paid some serious cash for helping get the word out about Blu Frog.

They also donate to nonprofit organizations such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through an initiative called For Goodness Sake.

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