Blue Robin Celebrates Ten Years In Business!

Waltham, MA (PressExposure) April 04, 2013 -- Blue Robin, Inc. is celebrating its first decade in business. Founded by Earl H.Gray IV and Hadi Shavarini Blue Robin operates virtually and has grown to employ eight people. Blue Robin services in excess of 250 customers nation-wide, in addition to several international clients.

"Given that we're celebrating a decade in business, one third of which has been during one of the worst economic times since the great depression, is a phenomenal accomplishment in and of itself." says Hadi Shavarini, CEO of Blue Robin. "Ten years in and we still operate with our entrepreneurial spirit. Our company remains extremely agile and we're growing, performing better, and having more fun than we've ever had in our company's history!"

Ten years ago, when Earl and Hadi were laid off, they both decided not to return to corporate cubicles again. Their combined skills proved to be very complementary. They founded Blue Robin with the vision of providing small businesses with affordable web hosting services. The core founding principal was (and still is) to be fair, reasonable, kind, and nurturing to Blue Robin's clients. By 2005, Blue Robin had already grown from its humble beginnings and had its hands in all areas of IT infrastructure and Software As A Service for small businesses.

"If we build it right, we don't have to support it, was Earl's motto from the beginning." recalls Hadi. "Instead of fielding support calls from our clients, they would call and ask if we can help with more than just hosting their websites." Earl Remembers. " popular demand, we started helping our clients use web-based technologies as a competitive advantage and help them really grow....we have helped them to become more efficient, profitable and successful. All of our clients started to benefit from the new partnership. Our services became incredibly valuable. It's why many of our very first clients are still with us and have grown with us over time - and we truly feel like part of their own teams, and (so we've been told) they feel the same way. This is extremely rewarding!" states Earl H. Gray IV President and CTO of Blue Robin.

Today, Blue Robin has become a web-based software developer specializing in business automation and cloud computing infrastructure. We enjoy working with our clients including Olympia Moving & Storage, Wellesley Free Public Library, Lexington Public Library, WebMedciPro, Avant Capital Partners, Digizyme, and many more companies from a wide spectrum of industries..

Over the last ten years the digital landscape has changed in more ways than anyone could have ever imagined. Blue Robin's organic nature and its innovative and collaborative approach to product development and solving clients' IT challenges has been one of the main reasons for its success ans survival during one of the worst economical conditions.

But the past decade hasn't been all about Blue Robin, says Hadi Shavarini. "We're very grateful to our clients' loyalty, thankful to our partners for their continued support. Specifically, we are appreciative of our employees' commitment and teamwork. Each and every one of them has played a tremendous role in our success and survival. Looking back from where we started to where we are now (and where we're heading), our goals and targets may have (and/or will) continue to change but our values and philosophies have and will always remain constant. To better serve our clients, we continue to work tirelessly day in and day out on taking our company to the next level. We're committed to growing our business, our employees and our customer base while we stay true to our guiding principles of honesty and building partnerships with our clients. We are very excited and are looking forward to the next 10 years."

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