Bluetooth Adapter - Connect the World by Wireless Network

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) December 23, 2009 -- Thanks to Bluetooth, a wireless network transmission technology originally used to replace the infrared, the exchange of information and data becomes quick and efficient. But don’t forget that it is Bluetooth adapter which make the Bluetooth been used widely in our life.

Bluetooth adapter can be applied to a variety of digital products such as USB Bluetooth Adapter which can be connected to phone or PCon the market at present.

Bluetooth adapter uses universal short-range wireless connectivity technology. It comes with the convenience of the many advantages of low-cost, mainly used in the following areas:

1. File Transfer - to transfer files across different software platforms (such as the card transmitted from the mobile phone and Pocket PC)

2. Data synchronization - support for different operating platforms of the Information Synchronization (such as data synchronization between handheld computers and computer, data synchronization between mobile phone and computer)

3. Voice transmission - transmission via Bluetooth audio information (such as support for Bluetooth headsets)

4. Analog Serial - by wireless means to achieve analog RS-232 serial transfer protocol (such as support for Bluetooth printers)

5. Dial-Up Networking - Call received a modem to connect to the Internet (such as computer via Bluetooth mobile phone GPRS / CDMA Internet)

6. Bluetooth Network - Bluetooth to establish a virtual network (such as the formation of Bluetooth wireless Peer to Peer)

7. File Exchange - business cards, conference matters, to-do exchange

8. SMS management - to send SMS via computer editing

9. File Manager - Edit categorized on the phone contacts, upload and download information, ring tones, pictures.

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