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Albany, NY (PressExposure) August 14, 2009 -- Earlier this year, GamZu Games ( [] ) was founded with the mission to bring families together again in a world where people are increasingly drifting farther apart. Increasing work pressures, increasingly complex education loads, and differentiating modernactivities like listening to the iPod and surfing the Internet have been conspiring to make even members of the same family too busy to get together regularly. But board games [] have always been a wonderful way of bringing families and friends together in laughter and adventure while not costing them a lot of money or a lot of travel time.

Board games have been around longer than widespread literacy, and have been played throughout history in almost every culture. Well-made board games can be works of art and even tell wondrous stories. This is why board games are so highly effective for bringing together families and friends, and why they make perfect gifts. Board games stimulate the mind and the imagination, and can provide hours of laughter and personal sharing.

At GamZu Games, they are always looking for the next great board game, and they believe in delivering high quality board games to people at the most affordable prices. When you shop atGamZu Games, you can select board games based on age, popularity, brand, and price range. You can even select a board game based on the typical length of time that it takes to play it.

All board games from GamZu Games come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you order at least $100 worth of board games at once, you pay no shipping or handling charges.GamZu Games offers great bundle packages that allow you to take advantage of their excellent pricing while getting the best board games that all go together for a complete adventure story.

If you're tired of missing your family and friends while everyone eats on the run, watches TV in silence, or surfs the Internet by themselves, you can check out the board games atGamZu Games and bring people back together again!

About GamZu Games

Gamzu games [] was founded in early 2009 with a focus on building relationships. There are so many distractions these days that quality time together with family and friends is often forgotten. Gamzu is dedicated to carrying quality products at a quality price. Gamzu's mission is to bridge the gap between people and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

The Gamzu founders are all dedicated to their customers and to driving outstanding service. Games are simply the product that we carry, what we really sell is an opportunity to have fun while building lasting relationships.

The Gamzu team enjoys learning new games as much as they do playing old favorites. They are always engaged in hosting game nights and in setting time aside to play games with their families and with each other.

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