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Pune, India (PressExposure) April 29, 2013 -- BookChums, the much-loved site for book lovers has set up a unique theme for this week on its website and social networking platform. The theme is music in its various colours, shades, moods and seasons.

The BookChums Facebook and the Twitter pages shall be carrying contests, blogs and interesting trivia all this week featuring the various legends from the music world. In order to showcase variety we have featured as different as AR Rahman and Jimi Hendrix on the website and social networking sites today.

One can never hate the printed book. There is a distinct quality to it which makes us go back to it time and again. The smell of the pages, the sensation of the pages underneath your fingertips, and the joy of owning a hard copy version of your favourite title is boundless. But there are many advantages of the new version of the book, the e-book which we need to understand and give due credit for.

1. E-books are quicker to get. This version is very advantageous when it comes to obtaining information quickly. One can pay for an e-book and get it immediately whereas one has to wait for the hard copy to be delivered to you.
2. The ease with which e-books are upgraded makes it score points over its traditional counterpart. The addition of new content frequently is a definite winner here.
3. On buying an e-book, there are chances that the buyer may get much more than what he has paid for. Generally, publishers include a whole lot of goodies along with the e-book.
4. The biggest advantage of them all is that of space. While hard copies take up a lot of space and if you are a book aficionado, then even more. But with e-books, thousands of books can be stored in a very little space, in your smart device.
5. E-books are eco-friendly since they do not require paper for printing.
6. The portability of e-books makes it a popular concept for readers these days. With everyone leading busy lives, it is a great boon to be able to read your favourite book whenever and wherever you would want to.
7. In e-books, a whole lot of references to other websites and links can be incorporated which is absent in the printed version.
8. Another advantage is the concept of custom brand. With this feature, the reader can put their own name or company's name at the beginning or end of a book which belongs to someone else, of course with prior permission.
9. The search for a particular title becomes a lot easier with e-books because there are a million sites which offer information. Just type in the title and you are good to go!
10. Finally, with the development of technology every day, there is a great possibility that e-books will only get better. This chance is not present in hard copies since there is limited ground on which there can be improvement.

BookChums features books from every subject on its website and we shall thus display the treasure trove of books based on music this time, to go with the theme. The theme is sure to attract book lovers and music fans of every kind.

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