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It is common knowledge and practice that the best way to get people involved, getting to know one another and participating in a meeting is to play a game, an ice breaker. For the following reasons:

* Ice breakers are a great way to set the tone for any class or meeting. * With ice breakers you automatically encourage and increase classroom participation. * Ice breakers work to create a better more relaxed learning environment. * Ice breakers can energize – Sometimes it is just a good idea to shake things up a bit, especially in the middle of the meeting when feet begin to tap, pencils begin to doodle, and eyelids begin to droop. * Ice breakers allow your participants to get involved both physically and mentally in the program which always creates a better learning environment. * Ice breakers can be great topic lead-ins. * Ice breakers can be developed to help identify group and individual goals and objectives.

However, finding the right ice breaker is a challenge in itself. Joshua Goh of Youth Development Resources experienced the difficulty of finding fresh new ice breaker ideas for his youth group. He tried the internet, going to bookstores, his own personal library only to find the same ideas repeated over and over. He and his mentor Ken Sapp of Creative Youth Ideas decided to pool their collective resources of ice breaker ideas, the most popular, well received and fun ones that worked the best and wrote a book all about ice breakers. They have recently launched their e-book, “Icebreakers Ahead: Take it to the Next Level”.

Icebreakers Ahead! is a collection of 52 of the best ice breakers of all time that youth and adults have enjoyed in every group and meeting they have conducted. Although some of the ideas are those timeless ice breakers, Joshua and Ken have tested, tweaked and perfected each and every one of the ice breakers personally.

Most of the ideas in Icebreakers Ahead! require little or no materials, need little preparation, and come with simple and easy to understand instructions. The best and most unique part of the book, unlike other similar resources, is that every game idea comes with discussion questions, applications, and key learning points to take the ice breaker to the next level.

The applications in Icebreakers Ahead! are varied enough so that each game idea can be tweaked by the leader of the meeting to teach or highlight many different lessons depending on the purpose of the meeting. In addition, each ice breaker has its own list of variations so the same game idea can be reworked and played again from a fresh perspective. They realize this adds a new twist on old ideas.

Although Joshua and Ken focus on youth as their target group, the game ideas in Icebreakers Ahead! are general enough that everyone can use them with people from other age groups, not just for youth. They have used the games during company retreats, family get-togethers, high school reunions, children's groups, birthday parties, and young adult meetings, with much success.

The e-book, “Icebreakers Ahead: Take it to the Next Level” is available at You can visit to find out more.

About Youth Development Resources

Joshua has more than 10 years of experience working with youths and currently works for PromiseWorks as their Head of Mentorship and co-created an online resource site, He has a unique perspective from that of a young person who is both a protégé in a mentoring relationship and also responsible for promoting mentoring for PromiseWorks. His primary passion in life is to create awareness about mentoring within Singapore, develop mentorship programs including content development, working with mentors as volunteers, and ensuring that PromiseWorks’s mentoring program remains relevant to youth in Singapore. Realizing he was spending more time searching for or developing effective youth resources than he was spending time with the youth, he and his mentor Ken Sapp co-created Youth Development Resources, to cater to this need.

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