Book Release - Achieving Entrepreneurial Success Through Passion, Vision and Courage

San Antonio, TX (PressExposure) July 11, 2013 -- The term American Dream was first used in 1931 by James Truslow Adams in his book The Epic of America. Sadly, many people want to fulfill the American Dream by operating their own business, but settle for an unfulfilling career because they do not know how to make it a reality. Others may have some knowledge, experience, and skills but do not think they have enough time.

This book is designed to make your dream become a reality. It offers a straight-forward, step-by-step process that includes eight essential and learnable qualities of highly successful entrepreneurs and five action-steps that will get your idea transformed into a completed business plan. Whether you're a single parent with limited time and resources or a fat cat without any entrepreneurial experience, you can hone the eight essential qualities of entrepreneurial intelligence:

- Ambition
- Work ethic
- Continuous learning
- Innovation
- Using people as assets
- Informed risk-taking
- Integrity
- Resilience

These qualities are learnable! While some may be simply a matter of choice, others will take further conditioning. This book provides you with the guidance on how to enhance each of them to achieve dynamic success and realize your own American Dream.

This book also provides you with action-steps to:

- Generate entrepreneurial ideas
- Develop value propositions and a competitive advantage
- Complete an idea merit test
- Conduct a feasibility analysis
- Write the business plan

The book is based on a 20-year study of 234 dynamically successful entrepreneurs. The science behind the three themes and eight essential qualities is based on the systematic, direct, and structured observation of highly-successful entrepreneurs in both their natural work environment and in controlled environmental contexts.

While the entrepreneurs studied are quite diverse, and while they all have unique stories, what they do have in common are the eight qualities of entrepreneurial intelligence which guided them to dynamic success. And the best part is that all eight qualities are learnable!

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