Brain Sync Technologies Tops iTunes Self-Help Category Exceeding 10,000 Podcasts per Month; Announces Successful Launch of New Website

Ashland, OR (PressExposure) October 23, 2006 -- ASHLAND, Oregon (PRWeb) -- BrainSync Technologies, the leader in brain wave technology jumps to #1 on iTunes Self-Help Chart, increases to #13 in the overall Health category, and announces the successful launch of its new, enhanced Web 2.0 website.

iTunes the world’s most popular podcast and entertainment download site makes available 26 separate Brain Sync podcasts available free to the public under Brain Sync’s Theatre of the Mind label.

“The ability to quickly download and receive new titles via iTunes is of a huge value to our clients and really helps introduce the public to our brain wave technology,” said Kelly Howell, CEO of Brain Sync. “What’s so great about the combination of iTunes technology and our technology is that accessible self-help and mind expanding titles like ours are available 24/7 worldwide for “on the go” individuals and professionals to include in their daily routine.”

Brain Sync’s podcast titles include: Mind Mapping, Weight Loss Hypnosis, The Gift of ADHD, Cultivate Your Genius, Getting on Track with Your Life, Overcoming Depression and exclusive interviews with bestselling authors and visionaries such as, Dr. Larry Dossey, Laura Day, Dr. Fred Allen Wolf, Lynne McTaggartLyn Buchanan, Richard Lawrence and more.

Woven into the texture of every Brain Sync audio are precise signals that synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain to “hear”, not the actual external sounds, but a phantom, third signal, known as the binaural beat. It activates various brain functions to a greater, more creative capacity, which is measurable at a cellular level. One can expect to enjoy the life-enhancing benefits immediately.

“I discovered Brain Sync on iTunes while loading up a friend’s iPod I was giving him as a gift and now am a daily devotee of their Brainwave Meditation. I never thought my iPod would help me clear out all the junk in my head and better focus on achieving my daily objectives,” stated Christopher Conlan, and advertising consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Topping the iTunes charts coincides with the launch of Brain Sync’s new Web 2.0 enabled website which features:

  • Free online Guided Medtitation at The Center for Meditation and Transformation
  • Comprehensive Brain Wave Research
  • Free podcasts and newsletter subscriptions
  • An enhanced Shopping Cart with over 40 brain wave and meditation titles including new releases such as Relieve Jet Lag, Increase Creativity and Awakening KundaliniWalking Meditation
  • Integrated Theatre of the Mind interactive Blog
  • Details about the upcoming Theatre of the Mind Radio Shows

“We’re very pleased by the positive feedback we’ve had from our subscribers and clients,” commented Kelly Howell, renowned brain wave technology pioneer and frequent radio guest.

Kelly Howell Bio Like many authors, Kelly Howell began her research into the mind in as part of her own personal exploration. She began by making personalized audio suggestive tapes. Seeing positive changes in her life and her friends’ lives, lead to years of research and production. Kelly discovered that it’s our own inner monologue that creates our lives. And that anyone can change his or her inner tape simply through lying back and listening to a new one.

In the mid 80’s Kelly Howell, co-produced dozens of self-help tapes published by Bantam. One of which is still Bantams best-selling audio program. Having become fascinated with brain-wave altering techniques, she created a series of tapes published by Random House under the name “Super Mind.” In 1987 Kelly co-founded Neuro-Technologies Research Institute in San Francisco, a non-profit organization that studied the effects of brain enhancement technologies.

Throughout the years, Kelly has worked in cooperation with eminent doctors and scientists to create programs designed for clinical applications, including the treatment of depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse and obesity. Kelly founded Brain Sync in 1992 to make her unique audio technology available to the general public. With over 2 million audio programs in print, Howell has led the way internationally with her groundbreaking technologies for mind expansion and healing. Brain Sync titles are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other fine bookstores or they can be downloaded at

About BrainSync

Brain Sync brings you the simplest and most affordable way to directly tap into your higher potential and unleash your power to create, to heal and to change. There’s no training necessary, no need to travel anywhere, or spend hundreds of dollars on complicated home training programs that take up a lot of your valuable time. All you need is an audio player and 30 minutes-a-day to achieve powerful results. To read more about how our technology works and supporting research visit The Brain Lab, or listen to an introduction on Brain Sync Technology Learn how just listening can improve mental performance and effortlessly guide the electrical activity of your brain into a wide variety of powerful states, even hard to reach states such as the mysterious and elusive trance-like theta state of meditation, ideal for self-hypnosis and behavior modification. Visit for more information.

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