Brainzsquare releases the free hard disk deleting software for a secure PC disposal.

Seoul, Bulgariya (PressExposure) May 07, 2012 -- Brainzsquare Co. Ltd. (Headquarter: Seoul Korea, CEO: Seongeun Kang, URL: is releasing the free version of its software to completely delete the hard drive, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free. This software prevents data leakage, personal information theft, and confidential data recovery by performing a thorough deletion mechanism on the hard drive.

A user always seeks to maintain his personal information private, when he has to dispose his personal computer. Many people believe that by deleting the files or formatting the PC hard drive the personal information stored in the hard drive is completely deleted. As some people know, this is a completely false statement. When an unwanted file is deleted by using the Windows file deleting method or the Recycle Bin emptying feature, the file does not get completely erased from your computer. The only thing that occurs is the prevention of displaying the deleted file on the screen by the OS. In reality, the file remains digitally intact in the hard drive, making recovery tools easier to recover deleted files. Therefore, using the appropriate tool to delete the hard drive is an essential precaution the user has to take since entered files, personal information, bank account number, and confidential data of the company that were input into the PC hard drive are all traceable through data recovery software. With the simple deletion method many people use, emptying the recycle bin or formatting the whole PC hard drive is not enough for a safe PC recycle.

That is why Brainzsquare Co, Ltd, presents PC users with the SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free to completely delete the hard drive.

SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free gives the user the satisfaction of not needing to worry about confidential data leakage, or the user's personal information being passed around, or the company's financial data bank being recovered, using a simple recovery tool software. On SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free the user will have the experience of using the Overwrite Constant Number deletion method, where to delete the hard drive; the entire sector is overwritten once automatically with a determined constant. Giving the user the full protection to his private data or the leakage of the company's financial information after PC disposal, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free is now made available with just a few clicks. For an easy and safe way to dispose or recycle your home PC, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free guarantees a thorough deletion process for stored data and file traces on the hard drive.

SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free is available on our web site. ([])

Feel free to look up on the other products SECUDRIVE has to offer, for your company's security, to your privacy and even to your daily computer usage comfort.

About Brainzsquare Co., Ltd.

Brainzsquare Co., Ltd., is a global software development company providing efficient security solutions for both companies and individual users.

We currently supply smart secure USB flash drives, copy-protected USB flash drives, data leak prevention software for Windows file servers, screen capture prevention software for web servers and applications in the name of SECUDRIVE, a sub-brand of Brainzsquare.

All products support 64-bit operating systems including Windows 7, and invincible security for data protection. With matured experiences and success in domestic market, Brainzsquare is building its global reputations in overseas market.

Established : March 16, 2000

Name of CEO : Seon Geun KANG

Products : Copy-protected secure USB drives and security software

Address : #8, Seongmoon Bldg., 315-7, Seongsoo2-3Dong, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Email : | TEL : +82-2-2205-6026 | FAX : +82-2-2205-6019

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