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Poughkeepsie, NY (PressExposure) August 21, 2007 -- R2R Update - New Payout Plan ROCKS!

Great news...for US, not the competition... We have just implemented a NEW compensation plan that will BLOW all other 1 and 2 up programs OUT OF THE WATER...along with those other "We Pay On the 1st Sale" type programs who are "anti-2up".


The modified 2-up pay plan. ALL new unqualified R2R members (with a product purchase of course) can now start earning commissions on their VERY 1st Sale!

Each new member will split their 1st two qualifying sales with their sponsor, 50/50, that's $499.50 on the 1st two sales that a new R2R member makes.

This will increase sales and convert many more prospects like crazy, but more importantly, put all "anti-2up" programs to an END as they no longer have ANY ammunition against two ups in their marketing, thanks to the 2-up modification pay plan addition.

Again, anyone who purchases the R2R product library, who starts advertising R2R, will earn 50% commission ($499.50) on their 1st two paid product sales that they refer to their sponsor, and then from their 3rd sale on, they will keep 100% commission ($999) on every sale thereafter.

However, like a typical two up, the 1st two people that an unqualified member refers, will be placed in their sponsors downline.

This still creates the LEVERAGE that 2 ups are famous for, but rewards the NEW member at the same time, by giving them a 50% commission on their 1st two product qualification sales.

Nothing has been changed to the script, it still works as usual, except now all unqualified R2R members (who initially purchased our products) will now split their 1st two sales with their sponsor.

Your qualified sponsor will be responsible for paying the 50% split to you or any of their unqualified teammates who refer a sale, within 7 days from receiving their payment.

This is Pay Plan is effective IMMEDITALEY.

In fact if you look at the site now, changes have already been made. Any $999 2 ups that were given to their sponsor PRIOR to this new pay plan change, the 50/50 split does not apply.

So if you are still unqualified, any sales you make from here on out, you will earn $499.50 on your 1st two qualifying sales. This new Comp Plan change does not apply to free affiliates who came in with NO product purchase, as they still must pass up 4 paid sales (100% commission) to their sponsor, before qualifying to earn commissions.

Anyone who is already qualified, you still earn $999 per sale on all of your personal sales, however, from this day on, you will earn $499.50 on all qualification sales passed up by your unqualified teammates.

You will collect the $999 payment, and simply pay your new teammate the 50% difference. If you're wondering how you'll know which teammate referred the sale, please read the MEMBER FAQ in your R2R back office, as there are new Q&A's on the "modified 2 up" topic, in fact, the whole FAQ page has been redone with many new Q&A's.

Between these new changes, and September (the BEST time of the year for biz opps) around the corner, we`ll be putting up some very big numbers real soon!

Come join the money making opportunity TODAY!

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