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Ny City, NY (PressExposure) July 06, 2011 -- Medical news about breast biopsy says that many unnecessary biopsies are done by the surgeons and that figure amounts to 600,000 women. A study suggested that out of 1.6 million women who get biopsies done annually, around 600,000 get it done unnecessarily. Most of the doctors suggest invasive surgery which is three times more expensive. But the doctors reason that it has the best diagnostic accuracy.

A needle biopsy is done under local anesthesia, leaves a tiny scar and costs about $1,000 to $2,000. It rarely misses lesions. A surgical biopsy requires sedation and stitches, and costs about $5,000 to $6,000. And it leaves a bigger scar. With about 90 percent of abnormal mammograms turning out to be benign, the most minimally invasive approach makes the most sense.

There are also new medical products and services in the market coming up for breast biopsy procedure. There is a new and lesser-known technology 'microbubbles' combined with ultrasound which can help patients with early stages of cancer in detecting treatments and saving them from another breast surgery. To check the spread of cancer, there is a sentinel lymph node biopsy but ultrasound cannot pick up those from the usual nodes. A study says that microbubble contrast- enhanced ultrasound accurately identifies the sentinel lymph node in 89% of the 80 patients studied. Mostly 35% of patients who undergo sentinel lymph node excision biopsy will require additional surgery because cancer has spread. Using microbubble contrast-enhanced ultrasound preoperatively means that the cancer and cancer spread can be removed during one operation.

The current technology to identify the sentinel lymph nodes at the time of surgical excision are blue dye and radioisotopes. However accurate it may be, this procedure has allergic reactions and side-effects for some patients and the disposal of the radioisotopes (radioactive waste) also becomes a problem.

Ultrasound is widely accessible and it is said that microbubble enhancement is a real time examination which shows the bubbles trafficking through the breast lymphatics and into the sentinel lymph node. The study conducted has confirmed that this technique can accurately identify the sentinel lymph node, and it would be considered using this imaging technology to determine if it can be combined with less invasive biopsy techniques, avoiding the need for a surgical sentinel lymph node biopsy completely. However, it has to be noted that the use of microbubbles is restricted in the United States and is currently not approved for use with breast cancer patients.

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