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New York, NY (PressExposure) July 16, 2008 -- One of the unique traits that we all have is ourselves. Each and every one of us is born in this earth unique from others. Each of us is an individual in every sense of it. As an individual, we all have our own unique attitude, intellect, physical appearance, height, weight, and many more including our own sense of style.

But with the growing demand of fashion and style, we find ourselves not as an individual, but as a group that follows a specific fashion or style. So where did our individuality and uniqueness go? Why did we become an individual to the group rather than an individual to ourselves? This is what the miskeen clothing line collection is trying to change, to bring back our own unique sense of style and fashion.

The miskeen clothing lines originated from the streets of West Philadelphia by the talents of a dynamic artist who conveys their emotion, feelings, passion, and pain of the community through their artworks on clothing lines.

After sometime, the miskeen clothing lines quickly caught the eyes of the style conscious and the trend setters, and for a short period of time, the miskeen clothing lines have become the talk of the streets.

Like the masterpieces of a famous painter, each garment of the miskeen clothing line becomes a masterpiece in the hands of a master miskeen artist. They make sure that each miskeen piece is unique from each other, and no two miskeen pieces are alike. This innovative blend of colorful paint, pop art, and fashion makes the style of the miskeen clothing lines unique.

The popularity of the miskeen clothing line quickly rose especially among the urban community and soon one artist wasn’t enough. And now the miskeen became a group of talented artists that together creates a world that only miskeen can offer.

The miskeen is highly respected and gained strong support among the urban community. Icons such as Jay-Z, The Game, Diddy, and Lebron James have also been one of the biggest supporters of the miskeen clothing lines.

As of today, the miskeen has gained popularity in the USA, Japan, South America, and Europe. The Miskeen has built a strong identity and a solid reputation for originality. For more information about the miskeen apparels, then visit Streetzwear at

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