Bringing Back the Brilliance that Stress Took Away From You

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PressExposure) June 27, 2009 -- Vivian Hildebrandt and Lynne Hoft share the things you must know about stress.

Vivian and Lynne have been lifelong educators and business partners for 10 years. Vivian has worked as a counselor and prevention specialist, helping stressed people by showing them their unlimited inner resources and how to effectively use them. Lynne is a licensed teacher and administrator. She is a certified trainer and has developed exceptional educational programs and curriculum. Over time, Lynne's research created the foundation for the Brilliance programs of today. Together, in their company Back to Brilliance, they help people overcome and deal with stress and depression.

The fusion of their expertise resulted in the creation of the Brilliance Formula. The Brilliance Formula became the very foundation of their work. This formula is an easy and effective way to achieve natural stress relief and to help anyone live a happier life. Back to Brilliance meets the needs of people of all ages in their search for personal and professional growth.

Back to Brilliance programs are based on the realities that people face today. It is undeniable that with the fast-paced life that most people have, stress has become an every-day thing. This stress may be related to personal, financial or work-related events. Stress can adversely affect you and everything in your life. Although stress may seem unavoidable, Vivian and Lynne are here to assure you that it can be controlled and eventually eliminated.

Vivian and Lynne recommend that you should first examine what is actually causing your stress. Observing yourself and everything around you sets the stage for moving into a stress-free way of living.

The first step is to take control. You, of all people, are in the best position to choose the solution that will answer your stress-related problems. When you focus on the things that are advantageous to you, the solutions for your life instead of the problems, you can begin to eliminate your stress immediately.

The second step is to find the Brilliance in you. Every person has natural Brilliance within. Many people may not see it at first, but with a little analysis and experimentation, this step can be easily achieved. Brilliance helps you get rid of the habits of thinking and activities that are not beneficial to you. Emotions that are negative won't provide any stress reduction and can quickly be eliminated by moving back into your Brilliance. Stress management becomes easy when you understand and practice these two steps.

Stick with natural stress relief. Prescription pills and other medications may make you grow dependent on them. It is best to choose healthy methods that really work to control and eliminate stress and the anxiety and worry it brings to our lives.

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Vivian Hildebrandt and Lynne Hoft will tell you more about stress and stress management. Back to Brilliance will bring back the Brilliance in you.

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