"Bromelain Reduces Inflammation, Helps In Mild Acute Knee Pain And Improves Digestion" Researches Suggested

Torrance, California (PressExposure) July 20, 2009 -- Bromelain is an expression referring to the family of proteolytic enzymes derived from the stem of the Ananas comosus or pineapple plant, appears to produce remarkable health benefits.

One of its novel benefits is that “Bromelain may exert therapeutic benefits in inflammatory conditions by decreasing the activity of CD4 immune cells” and it is approved by study in March, 2009 by Secor ER Jr and companions

Another research paper of 2006 published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (APJCN) by Yuan G and coworkers determines the anti-inflammatory activity of natural nutrients that also includes Bromelain. This review highlighted that natural products are useful to the prevention and treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Bromelain is also approved by the German Commission E to reduce swelling and inflammation after surgery and particularly following sinus surgery.

“Bromelain can also reduce mild acute knee pain” established through a scientific trial study of 2002.

“Bromelain that is a plant-based enzyme has effective introduction for digestive aids in the breakdown of proteins.” Revealed by a study of 2008 by Roxas M.

Other useful effects of this pineapple derived proteoloytic enzymes “Bromelain” is reported as natural enemy to asthma that lessen the severity of coughs, congestion, preventing fluid from accumulating within nasal package, help to reduce volume and thickness of mucus and bronchial inflammatory conditions. As it is stated by Marcia Zimmerman, CN and Jayson Kroner, CSN in his book “7-Syndrome healing”

Oral administration of Bromelain on the reduction in swelling, bruising, healing time and pain following surgical procedure has been demonstrated in several clinical studies since long time. Written in the book “The Healing Power of Herb” by Micheal D. Murray N.D.

Other effects that also found in this book exposed Bromelain’s use in sports related injuries and other bone and joint problems, additionally Bromelain also found helpful in long standing problems as a chemotherapeutic agent.

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