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Uberstar - Examining the Reality TV Phenomenon

Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall releases Uberstar (Hendlin Books, US$27.95), an explosive look at the reality television. Based largely on India's hugely successful Indian Idol, the author's research included interviews with participants, producers and insiders from the world's largest reality television shows.

A Book Review

Where to buy: This book is available directly from, Publish America , as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

New Book Unlocks Relationship "Door"!!!

To attract the best, you have to be your best. New book on love relationships explains how cultivating a healthy self-love and developing the characteristics in yourself that you seek in others can help you find the relationship of your dreams.

I Need Your Story!

I am writing a book how angels assist people in their lives. All I need from you is a true personal story of angelic assistance in your life. You'll receive a free signed copy of the book if I use your story. Share your story with the world!

Off The Wrong Path And Onto The Bookshelves

Juvenile delinquent turned businessman and now author releases hsi sophomore book, Breaking the Cycle: Getting to Second Generational Prosperity. Devin Robinson was pegged by his peers and community leaders and administrators for dead or the penitentiary. Robinson rose above the odds and weathered to criminal and social storms and now he explains to others hwo it can be done. He speaks to schools and organizations and he is a newspaper and magazine columnist.

Could Newton be Turning in his Grave?

In his book God and Gravity, Roger Rogers - Jesian, reveals a new theory on gravity in layman's language. He believes, that once his theory would be recognised the true nature of the universe would also be revealed which could in turn also unravel the true nature of God.

Going Into Debt to Pay For That Summer Vacation? 5 Things You Can Do to Get Out of Debt, Improve Your Credit Rating and be on the Road to Financial Freedom

A trip to visit the grandparents, your dream vacation to Paris, snorkeling in some Caribbean paradise...there's nothing like summer vacation. But if your vacation pushes your unsecured credit card debt up another notch, you may be paying for that vacation for years to come. On average, 20% of consumers have maxed out their credit cards and bankruptcy filings are at a record high. "People don't realize how big a hole they can dig themselves until they're in so deep, they can't get out," says Harrine Freeman who's helped thousands of people recover from financial ruin. "When the credit card companies start harassing them at work, repossessing the family car or threatening lawsuits, they realize they have a serious problem." How serious? An $8,000 debt at 18% takes 25 years to repay (paying minimum monthly payments) and costs over $24,000. Almost 50% of households have trouble paying their monthly minimum.

Just Published...Rooftop Diva-A Novel of Triumph After Katrina - D. T. Pollard

Available in Hard Cover, Paperback & $6 eBook Go to for more information. This is my latest novel and 5% of author proceeds will go to disaster relief funds. KEYNOTE After being rescued from her rooftop during Hurricane Katrina, a woman encounters love, wealth, violence, and deception as she struggles to rebuild her life.

Marilyn Monroe And Joe DiMaggio

A family member speaks for the first time about the celebrity couple and reveals the untold stories, the unseen photos, the secret of Marilyn's death in Marilyn, Joe & Me - June DiMaggio Tells It Like It Was

Poetry Flight

Bird Haiku, a new book by Edward Weiss, marries the elegance of the Japanese poetry form with the beauty of the avian world.

German Memories in Asia

German Memories in Asia, is a collection of memories by the author Rajkumar Kanagasingam in his association with the German university students who have been volunteering in Sri Lanka under a sports exchange program.

Afternoon Delights Book Signing Event

9 Romance and Erotic Romance authors will do a multi-author book signing event Saturday, January 13th, 2007 from noon to 6 p.m. at The Pink Banana Boutique.

How Thinking Backwards Creates Writing Solutions

Here is a neat little trick this author employs in resolving problems, in realizing goals, and finally as a tool for crafting fiction. He calls it reverse plotting but it is in effect the act of thinking backwards to arrive at solutions.