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Bold New Book, Raising Supaman, Dispels Myths About African American Fathers

Insightful book, Raising Supaman, addresses common misconceptions about African American fathers and encourages all fathers to improve their parenting skills. Authored by tenacious entrepreneur Nathaniel A. Turner, the book is a valuable instruction manual for fathers who want to help their children dream, excel and succeed.

Lady Justice and the Pharaoh's Curse Debuts at 1 on Amazon

Lady Justice and the Pharaoh's Curse, volume #17 in Robert Thornhill's award-winning Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, made its debut on Amazon reaching the #1 rank in Amazon's 'Cozy Mystery' and 'Humor' categories and #2 in Amazon's 'Top 100' with over 48,000 readers downloading the Kindle edition. This is the fourth time in the last twelve months that a Thornhill mystery has reached #1 in Amazon's 'Cozy Mystery' and 'Humor' categories.

New Novel: Cape Comedy

Ricky Boy is America's most famous comedy club mogul. The annointer of America's comedy stars, he is the one that is glorified by studio execs and network lollipops clamoring to discover the next Seinfeld. The founder of Cape Comedy, he is estimated to be worth a startling $275 million. And then, at the height of his glory, he is told he has six weeks to live.

Donald L. Heymann Plays Word Inflation: Amazing, Epic, Disruptive Innovation

Mr. Heymann, a well known business writer and popular Adjunct Instructor of Writing at NYU, has released his third article in his series regarding cultural changes that impact our language and communications. These articles uniquely address the cultural gaps so common in business communications affecting companies of all sizes.

Six Million Homicides Annually in America, Undetected and Unpunished: New Book AGEISM ACTIVISM by Judy Hanna

AGEISM ACTIVISM: Deadly Secrets Revealed That Could Save Your Life, is a critical guide, an eyeopener that arms every baby boomer and senior citizen, over 100 million of them, with the essential facts to keep themselves safe from harm in America where one in three seniors is a victim. There is fear among health care professionals and law enforcement that the un-investigated deaths of people over the age of 60 is a quiet epidemic of "gray homicides" going undetected and unpunished (NPR Investigation).

A Spark Of Magic Chosen Saga: First Book Signing

Local author of Leachville Ar: J.L. Clayton will be doing a book signing at That Bookstore In Blytheville-- Saturday July-12-2014 from 1 to 4pm! That Bookstore In Blytheville is also the place where famous author John Grisham did his very first book signing!

Atlanta Based Author "Aquila' Mahdi" Releases Erotic Sexy Thriller, "The Taste of Sin"

The thrilling book, "The Taste Of Sin" revolves around the main character Zara. Zara lives the life most women dream about-designer clothes, luxury cars and a lavish home in Hollywood. This perfect life is provided by her successful but absentee husband Steven, who would rather chase his career than to start the family Zara desires. Tired of being a trophy wife in a lonely marriage, Zara goes to church and meets the man of her dreams-a very attractive but married Minister Roberts. With her marriage spiraling out of control and her lust for Minister Roberts growing stronger, will Zara risk it all for The Taste of Sin?

Price Promotion for Sci-Fi Anthology "The SETI Anthology"

Price Promotion Just Announced for author Frederick Fichman's giant anthology, "The SETI Trilogy." Exploring the possibility of radio contact with an alien extraterrestrial civilization, this anthology combing all three books in the trilogy will be aggressively priced during this promotion starting on Friday, June 20, 2014 at 8:00am on Amazon Kindle.

Things That Matter Most: New Book of Author's Life Reflections Urges Readers to Live With Honesty, Integrity and Embrace Christian Values

In 2013, Don Hodge commenced a unique yet empowering project; composing a series of articles for his family, based on what he has learned as a devoted family man and Christian. His growing bibliography touched on everything from the importance of maintaining good character and keeping a sense of humor right through to his own tried-and-tested tips for career success. Having compiled an admirable resource that spans his entire life, Hodge has compiled his articles into a book and is now releasing it to the world. 'Things That Matter Most: Reflections' is that book. Fusing life lessons with witty vignettes and Bible references, Hodge hopes to help readers from all walks of life achieve dramatic personal development while growing closer to their faith.