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SRI Jazz Gives Away Songs Following The Terrorist Attacks

SRI Jazz has announced that due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, they are offering the song "I Love Paris" as a free download on their site and they are releasing the complete, beautiful jazz-inspired album "Paris Is For Lovers" by Danielle Herbert & Pete Dwyer to show the world what Paris means to everyone. The album includes such French classics as "C'est Cie Bon" and "C'est Manifique" along with many more. The public is invited to come download this free song and listen to the preview of the album online for free.

The Return Of Sweet Crystal: 4th Time Is A Charmer!

: The return of eleven time Detroit Music Award winners SWEET CRYSTAL with their latest release "QUAD" finds the band sounding larger and more powerful than ever, thanks to the collaboration with award-winning mixer/engineer Chuck Alkazian (Christina Aguilera, R Kelly, Mitch Ryder, Pop Evil) and Pearl Sound Studios, Canton, MI.

The Music Entrepreneur Publishes A Special Podcast

David Andrew Wiebe - the founder of The Music Entrepreneur website - will be publishing his 120th podcast episode on March 16th. The podcast - which began in 2009 - was initially a monthly feature that served as a means for Wiebe to support his music career.

Godfather of Punk Poetry John Cooper Clarke Announces East Coast Tour

Today John Cooper Clarke is adored across Europe as an elder statesman of subversive art, and the witty, political poet of the first UK punk movement whose blazing creativity has survived a bumpy ride. His poetry was born in those wild 1970s street-fighting days and Cooper Clarke has not returned to America since then.

DJs Remix Queen Unleashes Own RnB Pop Single to Anticipated Hit Success

Having first sung as a child for her church choir, at the age of 16, Devyn Rose moved downstate from Mount Vernon to New York City to master various forms of dance at Broadway Dance Center. As a result of a performance at a BMI Open Mic, Devyn was discovered by multi-platinum producer Dame Grease.

Plunky and Oneness Release "Never Too Late (Go-Go Remixes)" Maxi-Single

2014 has been stellar year for Plunky & Oneness: the band released their Never Too Late album, celebrated their 40th year anniversary, and they are performing at a record number of high-profile festivals and venues, including the recent Richmond Jazz Festival. The group's upward trending continues now with the 8/26/14 release of their new EP single, "Never Too Late (Go-Go Remixes)".

Freez Debuts Flight 748 Mixtape at Meet and Greet in Atlanta

Atlanta rap artist Freez will debut his Flight 748 mixtape, which features the single "Pussy" featuring Tiffany Foxx, at the DJ/Media Meet and Greet on September 9th, 2014. The Meet and Greet will take place at the Penthouse Studios at 250 Auburn Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 from 7 p.m. to midnight.

New Hit Nothing Remain by Ryan Zammo

Ryan Zamo is a singer and songwriter from Wayne, NJ. At a young age he struggled to find his voice in the world and was subjected to years of bullying and harassment.

Isis Yasmeen Debut Album - GEMINI

Responsible for the Nationwide jingle for "" and the Theme song for Burger King's "The Next Best Move" Tour, Isis Yasmeen has released her Debut Album "Gemini" which provides a new "Party Anthem" for girls everywhere, along with an array of songs sure to carve a space for her in the music industry. Her new, ethnic, sexy sound and subject matter display her writing skills, and are sure to please your taste for something new!

New Music Video "Terry Crews" From New York Rapper LC The General

From the dark and grimy streets of New York city comes an artist ready to take the streets by storm and his music to another level. Rapper LC the General is known to be a versatile threat within the realm of Hip-Hop, but his latest effort "Terry Crews" proves that he isn't to be taken lightly. With a music video to match his bravado, "Terry Crews" showcases why LC the General is a force to be reckoned with.

Exciting New Crowdfunding Campaign for Aspiring Song Writers and Artists Launches

A crowdfunding campaign has opened its doors with the ambitious aim of creating a purpose built platform where talented songwriters and composers can connect with established artists. Songwriter Connect combines moniker with meaning, connecting talented song writers, composers and artists with chart topping, successful, current artists within their vicinity.