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Ghost Hunting At Castle Keep, Newcastle With Most Haunted's Chris Conway - 15th October

The great hall has such an atmosphere, many people have claimed to have seen a teenage girl in pre-Victorian probably Edwardian - style of dress moving quickly around the room. Also, in the Galleries that overlook the Great Hall, eye-witnessed have seen a woman in her mid-twenties, with Elizabethan dress and even heard the rustling of her gown.

Ghost Hunting At The Extremely Haunted Lincoln Gaol, With Simply Ghost Nights

The sounds of footsteps, slamming doors and disembodied voices have been heard; a woman in Victorian dress and a figure shaped mist have been seen. Slamming doors have been heard as well as bright lights from darkened cells. Feelings of being touched and actual apparitions are all previous reports from this eerie old prison.

Ghost Hunting at The Golden Fleece, With Simply Ghost Nights On The 6th August

On a ghost hunt at The Golden Fleece some years ago we were all calling out for spirit activity when we all heard a bang on the floor, and some noise coming from the bedroom wardrobe. What we found will stay with us for years, not only a coat hangar was now on the floor the remaining coat hangars were swaying likes a pendulum.

Ghost Hunting at Bolling Hall with Simply Ghost Nights

Glynn, Craig and Karl were amazed when attempting spirit communication through table tapping, when however many times they tapped on the table the same number of taps was repeated on the table by the unseen hands of the spirit world.

Ghost Hunting Event at Bolling Hall, Bradford with Simply Ghost Nights, 4th of June

The Simply Ghost Night venture to Bolling Hall or a ghost hunting event, on Saturday the 4th of June 2011. It promises to be quite an exciting night of paranormal activity, with past experiences at this haunted location consisting, reports of whole groups feeling nauseous at the same time were reported in one vigil, and aggressive table tipping and some ghost hunters stated that they heard the loudest rapping on a table ever. A ghostly lady is said to fleet in and around the building too, join us to see if we can catch a glimpse of this mysterious ghostly figure, at Bolling Hall.

Preparing Canada For A Spiritual Freedom Experience

Brad Johnson, founder of Self Empowerment TV, is preparing Canada for a revolutionary new tour that inspiring the message of freedom will be spanning across the west and east coasts throughout the months of August and September.