Coaching Mentoring Press Releases

Directions To Easy Street - An Editorial Evaluation by Friesen Publications

Your ability to start LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE is based on your personal Vision and Mission in life. The enjoyment of that wonderful life is primarily grounded on the relationships you build around you supported by your ability to generate three forms of income: active, psychological and passive. The editorial evaluation by Friesen Publications for "DIRECTIONS TO EASY STREET" provides an overview of this first book by Keller... a presentation of easy-to-execute opportunities that satisfy the "WHY" in your life ultimately allowing you to exceed your dreams and goals.

The Goals Conference: Getting Out of Stuck

The GOALS conference was created to help you achieve your goals; whether personal or professional. The conference is designed to arm you with information, resources and tools to teach you how to remove barriers and navigate around obstacles that may be getting in the way of your success. The conference is about providing you with opportunities to create an action plan that will impact your quality of life and address challenges that influence healthy lifestyle choices.

Judy Mastracchio, OC Divorce Coach, Introduces Team Members

Sometimes people see divorce as an ending, but Judy Papio Mastracchio of Dana Point, a Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Divorce sees it also as a beginning. The motto for her Life Coaching and Divorce Coaching practice is "Today is never too late to be brand new.

Online Conference Features SMB Nation's Harry Brelsford

Karl Palachuk, best-selling technology author and owner of Small Biz Thoughts, announces that Harry Brelsford, Founder of SMB Nation and long-time SMB channel partner, is to be a featured speaker in the Systematic Success 2014 online conference. The third annual online event is a business focused conference for IT Professionals.

"The Little Things and Such" Now Available on Amazon and Lulu

Central Florida-based Edvardson Publishing is pleased to announce that its first publication, The Little Things and Such, is now available on Amazon and Lulu. The Little Things and Such by Roger Edwards is a collection of motivational poems and life quotes.


East West Bookstore, 6500 Roosevelt Avenue in Seattle will present a workshop with Career Counselor/Coach Halimah Bellows MA, MS, CCC, CPC on Wednesday, March 20 at 7:00 pm. Participants will learn to use CAREER QUEST CARDS, an innovative tool for developing an effective strategy for finding a fulfilling new career. The cost for the workshop is $10. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase cards for their individual use at a discount of $5 off the regular sales price of $26.

How to Solve Any Problem

Businessman Geoffrey Canavan has created a unique formula for dealing with challenges that, he claims, can dramatically change results by supporting the individuals within an organization as they learn to think and act in a more positive and affirming way.

The Coaching Institute Offers Clients Life Changing Opportunities

For many individuals, there are portions of life that can be more than overwhelming and can prove to be a major problem when added into the stress of other parts of life. People have a difficult time dealing with these issues and they can cause depression and other unhealthy attributes. However, with the proper training stress will be removed from life and individuals will be able to focus more on success than on negativity. The Coaching Institute offers just that opportunity.

1st Annual Teen Retreat

City Glamour Girls & Guys will be hosting its first annual Teen Retreat on October 15, 2011.

The Oxford Program Introduces A Career Change Program For Teachers

The Oxford Program, a company providing career counseling program for professional adults, is offering a career change program for teachers. The program uses their unique Oxford Method to bring out the best possible career options for teachers based upon their natural abilities, needs and interests.

"The Economy is Not Down, It's Different," Says Reinvention Expert

In 2008 people were just beginning to feel the effects of the worst recession to hit the world since the Great Depression. Jim Mathis, President of The Mathis Group, found himself like a lot of other people, reeling in disbelief as their incomes either shrunk or disappeared.

Catherine Cardinal, PhD Announces New Website "Wise Women Rock"!

Coach Catherine Cardinal's new site "Wise Women Rock" is a must-see for all women who are tired of being stuck and are ready to begin a new chapter in their life! Catherine's trademark of down-to-earth advice, compassion and easy to apply self-help tools continue on this unique site for all rockin' women!

Can You Handle the Ultimate Empowerment Challenge?

The Smart Business Empowerment Group (SBEG) is an online and offline community of powerful systems and resources to help small businesses grow to million dollar companies. Pam's knowledge and experience has provided small businesses with techniques and strategies to empower motivate and inspire companies to successfully launch their businesses.