Consumer Press Releases

New Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Eye Cover Shapes to Fit Facial Contours

Moldable, shapeable sleep mask, blindfold, eye cover eliminates all light thus making it possible to sleep even in bright lights. Mask can be shaped to fit wearers facial contours with finger pressure. A washable felt cover is included to keep mask always clean, fresh and sanitary. Optonal tissue pack also available. Light weight, durable, with unique design.

Foot Warmers & Foot Coolers

A new highly efficient space age insulating material originally developed by NASA for use by astronauts in their space suits and boots during space exploration is now available to general public. Weber has re-worked and re-shaped this extremely thin (less than 1/8" thick) insulating material into highly efficient insoles or liners to be used in shoes and boots where controlled warmth or cooing of the wearer's feet is desired.Temperature of feet remains at a constant 72 degrees no matter the weather conditions indoors or outdoors, summer or winter. The Weber TLC (Temperature Level Control)insole is available immediately in sizes for men and women. The insoles can be used in ordinary shoes and boots with no special modifications needed.

A New Way to WIN the Elmo TMX on Your Christmas List

Elmo TMX, like Shopping Nexus, is all about action! Shopping Nexus knows how much consumers want to laugh with Sesame Street's giggling fun fellow, so they are going to give away their one and only Elmo T.M.X. No purchase is necessary to enter the Elmo TMX Giveaway.

School Districts Use Dipetane!

School Districts in Mississippi are starting to use Dipetane, a 100% Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuel Treatment to increase mileage and reduce maintenance costs.

Go Green - Intentionally / Intentionally Green offers eco-friendly products for health and home offers eco-friendly, sustainable, green choices for health and home. From USDA certified organic soaps and cleansers to all-natural beauty products, is a one-stop shopping experience for the environmentally educated consumer. Make intentional choice that have major impact on the environment with minimal impact on lifestyle. Be Intentionally Green.

Student Credit Card Debt At Epidemic Levels

I intend to petition Governor Blagojevich in the fall to include, as required curriculum, credit and debt course's prior to graduation. I will walk this petition the 184 miles to Springfield to present him with this petition and to generate public awareness.

Consumers Using Credit Cards To Pay Mortgages

A recent study done of our recent clients has shown that 40% are using credit cards to pay mortgages. This recent increase in debt accumulation has many banks and other official worried about the future of the economy and consumer spending. Launches ProductRatingsByYou

At ProductRatingsByYou, the site visitor can Buy it, Rate it and Comment on it. At ProductRatingsByYou we will display a number of products each week for the visitor to buy, rate and comment about.

Indian Consumers Feel Empowered Thru Admanya is India's first consumer education cum advocacy website which has brought new hope to the Indian consumers. In the backdrop of a poor record of our consumer courts Admanya revolutionizes consumer rights by empowering Indian consumers to take action against unscrupulous companies and firms that sell inferior goods and provide poor service without concern for consumers.

Popups Nuker

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Canine Aficionado Starts Vizsla Blog

Vizsla 365 Blog readers can stay abreast with the latest pet owner issues and Vizsla adoption news and topics like Vizsla rescue, and places to get Vizsla puppies.

Gas Price Eagle Eye Starts Gas Prices 360 Blog

The Gas Prices 360 Blog, readers can keep up with the latest breaking news on gas prices and topics about natural gas prices and the impact that gas prices have on propane gas prices.

New Invention Stops Dangers Of Inhaling Cold Air Into Your Lungs

New Weber breath warming cold weather mask with its patented, non-electric built-in heat exchanger is a very practical and low cost way to enjoy the benefits of wintertime outdoor activities while staying much warmer and more comfortable for extended periods of time when outdoor temperatures are very cold. Breathing warm air into the lungs helps the wearer feel much warmer for extended periods of exposure to the cold.

New Invention: A Sleep Mask, Blindfold, And Eye Cover Designed To Block All Light

New Invention is Weber's No Light sleep mask, blindfold and eye cover that is uniquely designed to completely block and keep out all of the light that could disturb a person's sleep in day or night. In addition to low cost, another benefit is a washable liner on the inside of the mask that keeps the mask clean as well as greatly extending the useful life of the mask.

Electronics Connoisseur Discount Electronics 365

The Discount Electronics 365 Blog readers can keep up with the latest discount home electronics and learning about the best discount electronics websites and the finest discount distributors of electronics.