Consumer: Hobby and Crafts Press Releases

SEGA Toys Launched Two New HomeStar Home Planetariums

SEGA Toys has launched the "HomeStar aroma+" on June 28 2013, which can be used in the bath room for healing with the aroma therapy, as the new product of "HomeStar" series. They also launched the "HomeStar AURORA ALASKA NIGHT SKY" on July 4 2013 which projects the night sky of Fairbanks, Alaska while spinning the healing music.

DIY Auto Repair Videos on YouTube Surpass 2.5 Million Views

The creators of DIY auto repair videos today announced the Auto Show YouTube channel has surpassed more than 2.5 million views. The popular channel boats more than 3,000 subscribers and it is breaking records on YouTube almost every week.

Drift Boat Plans for Constructing Boats in a Cost-Effective Way

Drift Boat Plans is a top notch boat blueprint provider in the industry for constructing reliable and cost-effective drift boats. The site has a lot of source and information about boat construction and provides with winning blueprint models so that anybody can construct boats on their own. One will get to know the angles, length, width and layout of the boats including the sizes of the screws. The drift boat created using the blueprint model can be used both over the ocean as well as lakes.

Brand New Website For Knives Enthusiasts Goes Live

A new website specializing in throwing knives recently went live on the web. offers in-depth information about throwing knives, along with pages dedicated to learning about knives of other types, as well.

Printeca Lets You Create Your Own Custom Cards

Printeca with its office in Buffalo, NY lets you customize your cards with the help of special tools .It has revolutionized the concept of online printing with its innovative technology.

Business Course Has Been Created Specifically For Sugar Crafters

Karen MacFadyen, a successful business coach in the UK and established cake decorator with sugar craft certification from City and Guilds, has created a one of a kind interactive coaching package specifically for cake decorators. This course promises to deliver all of the tools, techniques, and secrets necessary for anyone to start and run a highly successful cake decorating or sugar craft business - whether it be from home or an industrial kitchen location.

2011 Rugby World Cup Game Out Now

No rugby union game has been produced for four years since Rugby 08, which was also developed by HB Studios, then under the EA Sports label. Rugby World Cup 2011 will be released on the 26th of August. It was announced on 29 March 2010 that The Rugby Forum and its members, would help HB studios gain a better understanding of what the general 'Rugby' public wanted in the new title.

13.56MHz M4 Development Kit

This HF M4 development kit is specially designed to operate with one of three firmware variations each tailored to serve distinct market applications including product authentication, access control and contactless payment.

Save Your Money with PrintMaster 2011 and Make Your Own Calendar

Calendars serve multiple purposes. They're not just functional organizational tools, they're also fun things to put on your desk; cute pictures to hang in your kitchen; and personal pieces of decor to be put anywhere that catches your eye. But why go to the time and trouble of searching for that perfect calendar for someone, or for your home? Truthfully, there's nothing out there that's going to come close to being as personal and thoughtful as making your own calendar, and it can be done cheaply and easily too with PrintMaster 2011 Platinum software.

Model Railroading Website Launched for Novice Train Modelers

Model train aficionado Johan Bentley introduces a new model railroading website, Model Railroading for Beginners, designed for hobbyists of all skill levels. This site contains a wide selection of resource information and invites beginner and advanced model railroaders to join an online insider's club offering special benefits and mentoring opportunities.

Special Offers on Machine Embroidery Designs

The traditional use of machine embroidery designs on cardigans is still in and never fails to make a style statement. You can often spot celebrities who like to wear cardigans and tops adorned with embroidery designs.

BBK Partnership: More Branches, More Services Available

With a desire to answer the increasing demand for its assistance in the field of Finance, Taxation and Accountancy, BBK Partnership expands its horizons and adds four (4) offices to its Head Office, the BBK House, which is located at 10 Victors Way, Barnet, Herts. The newly opened branches are stationed in Croydon (South London), City of London, Peterborough and Cambridge.