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Graphics & Design Services at your Fingertips -

Chillibreeze, an Indian content and design services provider is launching a brand new website showcasing its graphic and design division. intends to provide 3D animation, art and graphics, music clip creation, and face modeling to international customers.

Brand Transformation Revives Company and Wins SEED Award

XO Create!, an Alpharetta based firm becoming known for their brand transformation skills entered the 2007 SEED Awards with a case study on Heritage Playsets and won. "It is a rare opportunity to compete on the business level when it comes to design as many have a misunderstanding of the impact design strategies have on a business," says Jim Stringer, Creative Director and Partner at XO Create!.

Waterwell Lights up the London Social Scene

Waterwell is lighting the BUPA sponsored garden at this years 2008 Chelsea Flower Show. The show garden has been designed by the world renowned, Gold Medal winning garden designer, Cleve West.

HumanCentric Named in NYC's Bike Rack Competition

HumanCentric was recently recognized as a judges' favorite in the CityRacks Design Competition held in New York City. The contest was held as part of an effort to promote greener transportation modes among New Yorkers.

Masters Touch Offers Homeowners Key Ways to Save Energy This Winter

Rising energy costs have left many people concerned about the cold season ahead and potentially exorbitant heating bills. Masters Touch of Medfield, a one-stop-shop providing architectural, design and construction services, offers homeowners a few tips on how to save energy this winter.

KrunchIt All New Affordable, Advanced, Feature Rich File Compression Component Suffice Your Data Compression Needs

The KrunchIt software development team has developed an awesome, yet docile online file compression tool which combines advanced technology with skills that allow users to compress / uncompress files over the web. With the advent of our world class product we promise users a error less, bug free software that belies all their 'krunching' hassles. When you download KrunchIt free online file compress software you get access to a cutting edge file compressor that is both efficient as well as convenient as no separate software is necessary for installing it. KruncIt agile file compression software is a latest updated version that produce ultra fast downloads enabling users to quickly and easily transfer and store millions of free MP3 songs from the web. KruncIt is supported by a couple of handy features that provide greater compression, and significantly reduce size of your zip files. These special features have the dual advantage of cutting down on the data transmission time as well as saving valuable disk space. KrinchIt is a handy tool that ensure free and secure online compression utility for all your files. This versatile tool support easy e-mailing of zipped files to friends, family, or work associates. It facilitate easy download of zipped files for your own personal use while on the move, in the office, or at home. KrunchIT is a easy to deploy application that works without an email account or a specialized Zip compression software on your computer system and that is why regarded as an ideal tool for many internet users. KrunchIT is the fastest way to of saving your files on your desktop or laptop and also saves a lot of bandwidth. Its versatility is much more pronounced because it can upload any type of file or in any format and compress it in the ZIP format without deploying any sophisticated upload or any costly file compression software. KrunchIT is a unique service that enables you to compress and uncompress files via the internet rather than via your desktop. Its worthiness as a suitable desktop partner is its reliability and security that it bestow on the user; It is capable to download at least 10 files and compress them online so the users get to save a lot of time as well as a considerable bandwidth in the bargain. Users get the added advantage of extracting a compressed file from the web directly and decompress it online and also capacitate them to instantly view and download contents like Video or Audio files and other bundled data. KrunchIt upholds the practice of complete security of its users data and the files; Data that a user relocate to KrunchIt is stored in an absolutely safe manner on the KrunchIT servers. The data once stored on our secured servers imply that it is not accessible by any outside entity or individual and can only be accessible to the user, or by anyone whom the user authorizes.

How To Choose Best Business Web Hosting

Whenever you are out in the market looking for a great business web hosting company then there are two things that you must focus on: Experience and quality. You can also compare the rates among various web hosting companies online to choose the cheapest among them.

A SEO Promise of Good Life

Personally managing your website may not be an achievement all the time so it pays to take a professional help.

Website Design and Development in a Recession

Save Up to 40%-60% On your IT Outsourcing Projects! Our High qualified professional and website developer under stand your needs and give the comprehensive website design and website development solution at very affordable rates in India.

Itechlance Creates Its Own Success Story

We are very happy that our services are well appreciated by our overseas clients. At Itechlance, it's always our endeavor to offer the best quality of CAD designs.