Education: K 12 Press Releases

Christian Product The Gift of Kings Is Among the Newest Fundraising Ideas for Schools

The Gift of Kings fundraiser is among the newest and best fundraising ideas for schools specializing in Christian education. Its unique fundraising ideas for kids are much appreciated by parents as well as principals. Requiring no investment and with no risk, the consignment-style program provides schools with an easy fundraiser offering 50% profit, with no costs, and no shipping expenses.

Hurricane Sandy Inspires Book on Children Relaxation Therapy

Children can become very distraught in the aftermath of a natural disaster. This era is marked by an increase in such events, and therefore requires that everyone in the field of early childhood be prepared to respond to these unforeseen events. In her book, Monique writes what she defines as an arsenal of indispensable knowledge all childcare providers should have at their disposal. Armed with more than eighteen years of experience working with children, and her studies in relaxation therapy, Making Sense of Children's Senses is her mission to share her knowledge on relaxation strategies with colleagues in the childcare field.

BluCoin to Release First Currency System for Children

Blucoin Education announced today the Blucoin Reward Box, a patented lock box in which encourages children to follow directions and finish chores, will be available this coming September to Blucoin has developed the first currency system for kids, allowing children to earn rewards for finishing tasks and demonstrating good behaviors without constant reminders from parents or teachers.

Learn HTML Right on Your Android Device With "L2Code HTML"

SparkNET has released version 1.0 of the interactive HTML coding app "L2Code HTML" for Android. Designed for the absolute beginner, L2Code HTML provides an intuitive and effective way to learn basic HTML coding skills directly on a mobile device. This app also allows users to create dynamic webpages without the need for a computer. L2Code HTML walks users through step-by-step instructions and practice tutorials and then allows them to actually test their code right in the app. Many websites and other apps may give the instructions, but they lack this vital link to truly putting learned skills into practice.

Registrations Open for September 2013 Batch

Bramblewood Montessori has registrations open for its new batch starting this September. If you want to enroll your child at the quality day care in Coquitlam, then register today.

Innovative Schools Move to Oak Hill, Austin

Skybridge Academy (formerly Bronze Doors Academy) and the Soleil School, both previously located in Hyde Park, will relocate to the Oak Hill area, according to the schools' founders.

A Different Kind of Safari: Uplifting Children's Book, Inspired by Real-Life Adventure, Empowers Young Readers to Accept Life's Challenges.

A Different Kind of Safari is a unique book, inspired by a once in a life-time trip led by her father to Africa with her 14 year old special needs son Ray. She has created a very effective way to teach children the value of seeing things as they appear compared to how they really are. She presents the issue of being different than other children in a way that children can relate to and understand - how to find happiness in spite of the challenges everyone faces.

Foundation Promotes 'Critical Thinking' With New Children's Book

In her new children's book, Fairminded Fran and the Three Small Black Community Cats, Dr. Linda Elder introduces her readers to the growing plight of "feral cats", while simultaneously introducing them to critical thinking as a transformative concept. Many animal rights advocates and teachers across the nation have expressed strong support for the book as a teaching tool.

Introducing Racing Mania - A Free Education App To Learn Maths With A Car

Mind Shaper Technologies introduced their new education android app "Racing Mania" which is designed to hone the mathematical skills of children with a thrilling car racing game. Increase the speed of the car, refill the fuel tank and more by choosing the right answer. The quicker the player answers, the better are the chances to win the race.

Mind Shaper Technologies Unveils Counting Numbers App For Kids

Mind Shaper Technologies announced the launch of its new 'Count Number' game for kids and children. With the help of this Math app, children can learn counting numbers and basic math skills in a fun way. This app is designed for kids and children with colorful graphics and amusing sound.

Ramstein Jr. High Class of 1964 Celebrating 50 Years!

Class of '64 Alumni to Meet in Reno, NV for Memories, Food and Fun! A handful of class alumni have found each other recently through Facebook and the idea of an official RJH class of 1964 reunion was quickly hatched. Class members and Christy Johnson-Heinrich and Patrick Geary have volunteered to serve as class administrators while a 'reunion committee' is established.

SimplySmart Child Care Opens New Centre

SimplySmart are going to open new centre for children. This new centre has been designed with an amazing curriculum including French as a second language starting in pre-school and music, dance and yoga. This centre has an Open House on August 24th at noon.

21st Century Learning and Teaching Modus Operandi and Advantages

With growing technologies, the methods of acquiring education are also growing. It is always better to opt for something that is advanced because if a teacher is departing knowledge then there is a possibility of human error but that is not the case with technology.