Financial: Banking Press Releases

Money Transaction Companies Using Bacs Service

Accesspay announced the launch of their BACS payment solutions for faster payments, offering security and compliance to the highest standards. BACS service allows the electronic processing of financial transactions; including direct credit, direct debit and AUDDIS.

Clear Asset Finance Shows the Way Out of Recession

Clear Asset Finance (Clear) is an exceptional broker. After only one year's existence it is thriving where other UK brokers are struggling. Steve Green, Director of Clear, explains why they have been successful and where they plan to focus as the leasing market develop and changes.

Technology Start-ups the Most Exciting Area of the Market for Profits, According to Penny Stock Detectives

Danny Esposito, co-editor with Penny Stock Detectives, believes that the future in technology stocks is in start-up stocks, the ideas of which can revolutionize or improve upon how we work today. In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, Esposito argues that, unlike other areas of the stock market, small start-up stocks provide the greatest opportunities for profit potential, because they are either meeting a demand that is needed in the marketplace-improving on how things are done-or are trying to revolutionize how we do business and interact socially every day.

Survey For Free Checking Account Holders Released, an independent website, is seeking consumer feedback about the free checking account as part of its ongoing effort to be the primary provider of online information about consumers' favorite checking account.

Supply Disruptions in Agricultural Commodities Leading to Higher Food Prices, Reports Penny Stock Detectives

Sasha Cekerevac, co-editor for Penny Stock Detectives, believes that the bizarre weather patterns we will continue to experience around the world will lead to supply disruptions in agricultural commodities. In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, Cekerevac says that significant supply disruptions will lead to higher agricultural commodity prices, translating to higher food costs on the average person's plate.

A new way of spending -  The Executive Plus from New India Bank

Mr. Hiren Bhanu Vice Chairman of the bank is pleased to announce the launch of the Executive Plus Card which is his brainchild. The Visa card has unique features and benefits to business travellers, this card was launched in Bangalore on 9th September 2010 by the Minister of Trade and Commerce, Shree Anand Sharma.

N&P Launches Lowest Ten Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (N&P) has today announced that it will launch a ten year fixed rate mortgage - the lowest ever on the market offering excellent value for those looking for a longer term option.

A Loan To Pay Day - Official Press Release

There is a new online payday loans sheriff in town, and they are A Loan to Pay Day, an online one stop shop for instant payday loans with perhaps the simplest application process on the web today.