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London Hosts 'Sukuk Day'

Curzon Corporate Finance Ltd, jointly with Umex Capital Markets Group Ltd, will host on May 7th and 8th, a 'SUKUK DAY'seminar in London. The focus of the seminar is twofold: one to promote the use of securitised Sukuk as an alternative funding mechanism for companies in all industry sectors, irrespective of the size of the company, and the other to educate the investment community on the use of Sukuk, as an alternative asset class for their investment portfolio.

Brian M. Jeacoma, Real Estate Expert, Educates The World With His Webinars

Brian M. Jeacoma received his New York real estate license in 2001 and has been a Realtor since.He is a member of Remax Universal and started his career with Century 21. He has earned a Business Administration degree, is in the Century 21 Gold Circle of Excellence, is a Certified Buyer Representative. Brian received the Broker Counsel Gold Circle Award for several years. Brian measures his success by the level of his clients satisfaction throughout the time they work together. Team Jeacoma knows their future success depends upon recommendations from your friends, associates and family based on the services we have provided.

Norton Scientific Collection: China's VP Visits White House

President Barack Obama has sat down in a meeting with the next leader of China to discuss matters regarding same trade rules, human rights policies, military intentions and perhaps, to also gauge what the next administration will be like.

Penny Stock Detectives Editor Reveals How to Use Key Technical Chart Levels to Maximize Profits

Danny Esposito, co-editor for Penny Stock Detectives, believes that technical chart patterns hold the key to maximizing profits when investing in a stock, index, or market. In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, Esposito explains that learning how to interpret a technical chart, and so understanding the past price action, can improve one's chances greatly at knowing future price action.

Luci's Phoenix Bags 'Best Cup of Coffee' Award

Luci's Healthy Marketplace, which also prides itself in running the best coffee bar in Phoenix, was recently recognized for the "Best Cup of Coffee" and as being the "Best Grocery Store" during the Best of Our Valley 2012 awarding ceremonies of the Arizona Foothills Magazine.

The $1,000,000 New Year's Resolution

A group of entrepreneurs have decided on a New Year's resolution to raise $1,000,000 in 2012 in order to help create new American businesses and American jobs. They created with the goals of raising the money to help users start new American businesses. They will also provide low cost advertising to American owned and operated businesses on their "We Are America" flag campaign.

Shaw Capital Working Management Tips: With Europe in Crisis, Fragile Time for IMF

Sinking under a mountain of debt, Greece is on the verge of requesting more help from the European Union and the international fund. Ireland's economic recovery from its banking crisis remains a distant prospect at best. And once an international aid deal is concluded for Portugal, the question shifts to whether Spain's much larger and increasingly stagnant economy may need a financial lifeline.

Shaw Capital Management Factoring: Oil Scarcity And Its Impact On The Global Economy

In the latest edition of the International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook publication, the IMF dedicates a chapter entitled "Oil Scarcity, Growth and Global Imbalances" to an examination of the world's oil markets and the impact of growing oil scarcity on the world's economy. In this document, the IMF seeks to answer the current status of oil scarcity, how oil scarcity will impact the global economy and how oil scarcity will impact economic policies around the world.

Father Knows Best - Or Does He?

As Father's Day approaches, many dads begin reflecting on the life skills they're teaching their children. Nice manners, discipline and a good work ethic top many lists. Not to be overlooked, however, are financial skills, because regardless of whether they are taught formally or by example, parents pass along their financial habits to their children.

Living With High Rates Bloomberg UTV's perspective on price rise and the challenges for Indian Economy

As India is witnessing a northward trend in price rise since the last 12 months, food bills have burned bigger holes in the pockets of the consumers while rising input & fuel costs have exerted immense pressure on the profit margins across businesses - both large and small. The businesses of all sizes are facing an unpleasant brunt in terms of rising labour and raw material costs as well as logistics expenses. All of this adds up to uncertainty and may discourage savings and investments. The high inflation, climbing interest rates and pinching crude prices also threatens to cut the pace of industrial growth. Taking stock of this hard-hitting economic reality as India copes to live with rising prices and peak inflation, Bloomberg UTV is launching a special series called "Living With High Rates".

CRISIL Equities Assigns Fundamental Grade 2-5 To ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd

CRISIL Equities has assigned a CRISIL IER fundamental grade of 2/5 (pronounced two on five) to ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd (ARSS). The grade indicates that the company's fundamentals are `moderate' relative to other listed equity securities in India. CRISIL Equities has assigned a valuation grade of 5/5, indicating 'strong upside' from the current market price of Rs 651 (as on February 02, 2011).

First Stop Credit Helps Tackle Loan Modification, Predatory Lending

First Stop Credit wants to put a stop to sub-prime lenders taking advantage of consumers and investors. With their hardship loan modification program, the company assists people facing financial challenges that may end up costing them their home or other property. The loan modification process perfected by First Stop Credit has been the driving force behind their real estate services business for more than a decade.

How Can Silver Be Worth More When Gold Costs 51 Times More?

Based on history, gold prices should be approximately 20 times silver prices ... Can you believe gold is currently 51 times as expensive as silver?!? But what if this discrepancy is not that "silver prices are lagging behind gold prices", but rather, "gold is simply way over-priced"?

"Guardian-inter" - Ireland Succumbs To EU Pressure

Investor concerns had been mounting on Ireland's reluctance to seek funding from the joint EU/IMF fund since it had no need to borrow money from the international debt markets until June 2011. Markets feared that the uncertainty surrounding the country once referred to as a "Celtic Tiger" would irreparably damage the single currency.

John Hyman Joins Cheyne Hedge Fund

Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP ("Cheyne Capital") is pleased to announce the appointment of John Hyman as a Partner. Mr. Hyman will leverage his extensive industry experience to help Cheyne Capital to further develop its equity business, launch new products and research investment ideas.

Central Bank Chefs Have Spoilt Broth

One would imagine that, with the recent run of less-bad-than-expected economic data to emerge from the most troubled advanced economies, equity investors would feel a little more ebullient.

Fight The Recession - Gerardo Flores Talks About Starting A Home Business

There are changes taking place right now that most people are fully unaware of. Our way of life is changing and most fail to recognize. Unfortunately most people will find out when it is too late. My wish for this article is to help people realize that the power is within us to create our own life. It is this same power that we handed over to our leaders. It is time that we take that power back and fight the recession!