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Acclaimed Accounting Software Provider Adds Administrative Controls to Improve Usability and Performance for Large Sites

Softrak Systems, developer of Adagio Accounting software, today announced the release of Adagio Console. Adagio Accounting is a modular, multi-ledger accounting system that provides best-in-class audit controls and financial reporting capabilities. For companies that use Adagio Accounting, Adagio Console eases the administration of complex Adagio sites that manage large user communities, complex day end processes and remote office locations.

Mega Monkey Notifier: iPhone App for Mega Millions Lottery

Need to know what's the latest jackpot result on Mega Millions? Want to save and check your purchased numbers automatically against winning numbers? Like to be notified immediately after each draw? Cannot wait to organize your saved numbers, winning history, and navigate through drawings via calendar? Mega Monkey can provide quick and easy access to all Mega Millions information you need and manage your purchased numbers/tickets right on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Recent Updates to Link Building

All the major search engines have regularly corroborated the fact that for them content is the king because it helps them serve the visitors to their site well.

MRN Bot Review - What Makes It Unique

Although I've used FAP Turbo faithfully for the past year, when I received the email about MRN Bot and read about it's new technology to improve the forex robot trading results, my interest was piqued...

Finding a Suitable Ontario Bankruptcy Trustee

The earliest literature available on bankruptcy was from the Romans. The word 'Bankrupt' is derived from the Latin words 'Bancus' referring to a traders counter and 'Ruptus' means broken.

Payday Power's '1000' Euros New Payment System

Payday Power provides super fast loans on the net that are often paid in as low as an hour, as an crisis loan, which ought to then be paid back when the customers next payday is available.

Forex Phantom - The Best Forex Trading Robot?

The Forex Phantom is an advanced forex trading robot. It has been continually developed to reflect the changes in forex trading systems worldwide, strengthening its core ability to bring you positive returns on each trade!

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro - Wise Choice to Boost PC Speed

Wise Registry Cleaner Professional is a reliable registry cleaner. It helps you improve your PC's performance by optimizing Windows Registry, and it's so easy, only a few mouse clicks your computer will be as good as brand new.

Surprising Optimism in Information Technology Mergers and Acquisitions

MidMarket Capital Advisors conducted our 2010 Information Technology Merger and Acquisition Trends Survey and found that IT Company Presidents and Directors of Business Development were quite upbeat on their companies' prospects in the coming year. The most surprising result was the number of companies who felt that their business would grow by 20% or more over the previous year.

Advanced Version Will Convert Outlook to Notes More Comprehensively

Users who wish to convert Outlook to Notes mostly look for such a tool that can convert Outlook to Notes completely by transferring the entire mailbox from MS Outlook PST to NSF format of Lotus Notes. SysTools Outlook to Notes software is launched in an advanced version that helps users to convert Outlook to Notes more comprehensively.

Mendix and FlowFabric Reach Partnership Agreement

FlowFabric officially opened its doors earlier this month, announcing its exclusive use of the Mendix platform. The consulting company aims to create business applications that are easily integrated into pre-existing systems.

Business Owners Are Putting Their Marketing Plans On Auto Pilot

Most business owners hate the process of internet marketing and advertising, but can't afford to hire someone to do it for them. That's no longer the case. For as little as $49.97 per month, a business owner can forget about marketing and focus on running their business as thousands of highly targeted, highly motivated visitors come to their site each month - guaranteed!

New Lives Tells The Tales Of Discarded Dogs Becoming Heros

In her newly published book, New Lives: Stories of Rescued Dogs Helping, Healing and Giving Hope, Joanne Wannan tells the stories of abused, abandoned and discarded dogs who are now playing the roles of heroes in animal therapy, and as service dogs. From a Dalmatian who was scheduled to be euthanized to one of Michael Vick's fighting pit pulls, the dogs in Wannan's book have overcome tremendous obstacles, yet have gone on to work with humans, creating NEW LIVES for them both.