Government and Politics: Legislative Press Releases

WA F&W Reopens Kent's Panther Lake to the Public

Panther Lake, Kent WA, in the middle of urban sprawl has been hidden from the public for several years. Under pressure from the public, two new signs posted by WA Fish and Wildlife will identify the entrance to the boat launch area. The entrance is over a private driveway via a thirty foot easement held by the state

Georgia CPAs Prepare for CPA Day at the Gold Dome

Over 150 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) from across Georgia are getting ready to meet on January 30 for the 2014 CPA Day at the Gold Dome. On this day, individual CPAs, members of CPA firms and accounting students will gather for the third annual CPA Day.

Health And Safety Of Millions Of Canadians At Stake Over A Beer? Celiac Association Urges Government To Pass Labelling Regulations

The Canadian Celiac Association and allergy associations in Canada have been working diligently with Health Canada for over 10 years to have legislation passed that will enable Canadians to see, on each and every label, exactly what allergens are present in foods and beverages. This legislation is far too important for Canadians to let the beer industry put it off the rails.

Livestock Tracing Bill Passes First Reading

New Zealands Minister of Biosecurity David Carter announced recently that parliament had thrown its unanimous support behind the first reading of the National Animal Identification and Tracing Bill.

How will GIS Companies Weather the Gathering Cloud Computing Storm?

The debate about cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) is well and truly over. SaaS has just too many advantages to offer customers and end-users for anyone to credibly argue against it. The pay-as-you-go service model provides ease-of-use, scalability, reduced maintenance and support effort and lower total cost of ownership, which means that more and more customers expect SaaS or cloud options when they evaluate new business software.

Citizens Campaign to Veto House Bill 971

Concerned citizens in Florida are out to protest against House Bill 971. Amendment in the said bill will give multiple DUI offenders the right to petition for the reinstatement of their driving privileges. Due to increasing alcohol-related deaths in the state, people are making a push to veto this so-called, "huge mistake."

Prominent Political Strategist Joins Obermayer Rebmann Law Firm

William "Bill" Batoff, a highly regarded and prominent political strategist and lobbyist, has been appointed Co-Chairman of Government Relations Department of the Philadelphia-based, regional law firm of Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel. The announcement was made by the Department's other Co-Chairman, former State Senator and former Lieutenant Governor, Robert C. Jubelirer.

Executive Reporting Service's Diane Emery featured in May 2009 issue of Maddux Business Report

Thirty years ago, Diane Emery quit her job on whim. She wanted to leave work early to meet some lawyer friends for happy hour and her boss wouldn't let her, she explains in the "The Queen's Courts," the article on her in Maddox Business Report's May 2009 issue, which is focused on executive women. It was then the 21-year-old Emery decided to start Executive Reporting Service, turning her job loss into job creation.

Bernard Madoff Victims Support Group Gets Support of US Congressmen

Former Madoff investors aren't going to be victimized again.They've joined together to solicit the aid of legislators to help them receive the restitution they are legally entitled to.Investors are encouraged by the Congressional support received from Congressmen Klein and Wexler,and request that additional representatives do their part in getting the SEC to fulfill its statutory obligation.

EHR Webinars on Financial Impact of Stimulus Plan on Office-Based Physicians

HITECH Answers is hosting a four-part Webinar series devoted to key provisions in the Health Information Technology for Economic & Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and its impact on office-based physicians. This series of four 30-minute webinars covers topics any office-based physician must know in order to get a complete understanding of the Stimulus Plan and what it means to their practice. The webinar series is presented by a 3rd-party, unbiased source and not an EHR/EMR vendor.

Will ALL Our Toys Come From China In 2009 And Beyond?

In August 2008 a law was signed that was to benefit children and ease the fears of parents. All toys will have to have stricter testing. There is a problem with this law as USA toymakers and those who make anything for children 12 and under face the same laws as those who harmed us. With this law most of the USA producers will be forced out of business on February 10. USA toymakers care about our products and children but we will not be able to pay the testing fees that large manufacturing companies who manufacture their toys in China can afford.