Government and Politics: Local Press Releases

Author Peter Thomas Senese Calls For Support Of Measure 'L': Keep Los Angeles' Libraries Open

The Los Angeles Public Library System has faced dramatic operating budget reductions over the past few years, substantially limiting the library's operations and services it offers the city's patrons. On March 8th, 2011 the citizens of Los Angles have an opportunity to vote 'Yes' on Measure 'L' and have the city's budget appropriate much needed funding for the city's library system.

Janwani Helps In Saving Hills Of Pune

There is a crucial need to save the hills in Pune in order to save the city and maintain overall ecological balance. Janwani strives to save bio diversity parks. A strong people initiation, support, ideation and a solution based approach is required for this. The proposed Bio Diversity Park will be beneficial as it will provide clean fresh air, beautiful open spaces for walks and recreation and many other benefits making Pune free from pollution and a 'model' Indian and Asian city.

Vote Early in Harris County

If you are a resident of Harris County, TX, you can cast your vote early. Since polling places have already been so busy, residents are urged to consider placing their vote now instead of waiting until the last minute.

Summer of My Country 2010 Festival Launched

Secretary-General of the General Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare, Ibrahim Abdul Malik, today launched the fourth edition of the "Summer of My Country 2010" national project, which is being jointly organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development in cooperation with the Authority.

TCSOA Stands Behind TWO Winners, Margaret Gomez and The UT Longhorns‏

It is with great honor that the men and women of the Travis County Sheriff's Officers Association stand behind Margaret Gomez for Precint #4 Commissioner. Since Margaret has been in office, she has been a very strong advocate for TCSOA and it's members. Margaret has made public safety her #1 priority because she knows that's very important to the citizens of her precint. Her experience and understanding have proven to be an invaluable asset when dealing with our officers needs. It was not a coincidence that six of largest associations from the Public Safety Sector have endorsed Margaret Gomez for Precint #4 Commissioner.

Neighborhood Foundations Awarded One Million Dollar Grant

Neighborhood Foundations, formerly known as the Housing Authority of Newport, was awarded a one million dollar grant from the Kentucky Department of Local Government to continue their successful homeownership program. The City of Newport will partner with Neighborhood Foundations as the sponsor for the Community Development Block Grant.

Website Reveals Daily Photo Radar Locations and more

A new website, is now available as an online resource for those who want information about the daily locations of photo radar, red light and mobile radar locations in seven U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The site also offers photo radar FAQs, red light camera studies, news links, and an optional free GPS pack for registered users who wish to download the information to Garmin®, Magellan® or Tom Tom® units.