Government and Politics: National Press Releases

B3 Solutions' CEO Bud Almas Chosen by the National Veteran Small Business Coalition for the First Annual Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Small Business Award

B3 Solutions, LLC, a provider of customer-focused solutions that enable government organizations to optimize their performance, announced today the company's founder and CEO, Bud Almas, has been selected to receive the first annual Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Small Business Award by the National Veteran Small Business Coalition. The award recognizes a veteran small business owner who provides employment opportunities to veterans and who, like Gordon Mansfield, gives back to veterans and their families.

Small Grassroots Organization May Help Obama Win Election

A small grassroots organization known only by a few as may be the key that is needed to help President Obama in winning the up coming 2012 Presidential Election. The President of the organization James Rivers is asking people from all over the United States to join one of many I Am America.. Not 47 Percent Rallies, that are being held in different cities and towns across the country on Sunday November 4, 2012.

Women Left Behind in House Armed Services Procurement Package

For Immediate Release - Included in the National Defense Authorization Act passed by the House Armed Services Committee last week, is a package of small business procurement reforms that aims to greatly improve the ability of small businesses to win government contracts. However in a direct blow to businesses owned and operated by women, H.R. 4203, the Women's Procurement Program Improvement Act of 2012, was excluded from the National Defense Authorization Act.

Best-Selling Author Peter Senese and Attorneys Joel Walter and Patricia Lee Create White House Petition Site To Support GAO Child Abduction Prevention Initiatives

Child Abduction Prevention Advocates Peter Thomas Senese, Patricia Lee, Joel Walter, Carolyn Vlk, Jill Jones-Soderman and Eric Kalmus are urging the Department of Homeland Security To Implement a Government Accountability Office recommendation to create a security screening process for all individuals considered high-risk child abductors. The advocates have created a White House petition site urging others to show their support.

Exit Fee Ban: When Is The Right Time To Refinance?

The federal government's announcement on 25 March that home loan exit fees are banned from July 1 onwards is causing confusion with a number of borrowers who are trying to decide whether to switch now or later.

Peter Thomas Senese Releases New Film Segment In International Child Abduction Documentary Series Focusing On Potential Loopholes Associated With The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

Peter Thomas Senese's educational film series on International Parental Child Abduction titled 'Chasing Parents: Racing Into The Storms Of International Parental Child Abduction' adds new segment focusing on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Senese cites that the WHTI could present potentially dangerous loopholes that may aid child abductors and human traffickers in their criminal acts against children.

Yahoo Philippines to Webcast Presidential Inauguration

On June 30, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III will not only take his oath as the highest official in the land, but will also make history as the first Philippine president whose inauguration will be livestreamed on the Internet.

Summer Of My Country Festival 2010 Gets Underway

The fourth edition of the national project "Summer of my Country 2010", jointly organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development and the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare got underway across the UAE with the 51 participating centres reporting brisk registration for the various programmes.