Government and Politics: State Press Releases

Jalgaon Prays For The Health And Well-Being Of Ailing Sureshdada Jain

Amid chanting of hymns, religious leaders of various faiths prayed for the health and well-being of Shri Sureshdada Jain, the mass-base leader of Jalgaon, who has been incarcerated for over 27 months and is facing multiple health issues. The religious prayer meeting titled "Samudaik Sadbhavana Prarthana" witnessed participation of religious leaders of various faiths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, Sikh, Parsee, Christian and Jain.

Changes in the UK Immigration

The changes in the UK Immigration system will significantly affect a large number of overseas visitors in the United Kingdom. UK Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the changes includes tougher entrance criteria, limits on work entitlements and the closure of the post-study work route in the student visa system.

Pune Bus Guide: A Website That Aids All Puneits

Website Pune Bus Guide a Janwani initiation provides all information about PMPML services. Complete time table of PMPML detailed information of all bus stops & bus routes for Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Who Is The FTSE Trying To Kid?

"We admit it; we're baffled but we're nowhere near changing our views". Those were the words of an analyst at "Deltacontinental" after the FTSE 100 surged through its 200 and 400-day exponential moving averages and a slow stochastic reading above 80 suggested the market is not overbought.

Move Easy With Chicago Moving Men

Relocating to any place other than home is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, organization, management and never-ending patience. Most of the times people hesitate to relocate even for very lucrative offers, simply because of the hassles of relocation, which takes much fun, leaving the procedure to become a hectic drill. This is where Chicago movers come in.

Wormald Wins Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Contract

Leading fire protection specialist Wormald has won a multi-million dollar contract with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS), updating the Service's self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) cylinders, distress signal units (DSUs) and testing equipment over the next five years.

THE Right Side of Wisconsin Has Been Relaunched as THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network

THE Right Side of Wisconsin, recently ranked by BlogNetNews "the most influential blog in the State of Wisconsin" for two weeks running, announces that it is relaunching itself as THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network and is offering a free blog including setup, training, support, and hosting to any conservative who wants to blog. In addition, THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network will host a weekly internet radio program called "from THE Right Side of Wisconsin" which will discuss the best blog content from the previous week along with interviews from Wisconsin's political news makers...

AG Brown Warns California Of Unsafe Vehicle Tires

California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. asked the public to examine their vehicle tires carefully and see if there are damages on it. He said that a Chinese tire manufacturing company, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd., have distributed their allegedly substandard products tagged as Compass, Vesta, Westlake, YKS, Telluride, Milestone or Goodride. These tires were said to be assembled between 2002 and 2004 and distributed across the United States.

Controversial Migrant Changes

Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration Andrew Robb will foreshadow the changes which include an increase in the waiting period for people wanting to become Australian citizens from the current three years to four.

In Lieu of US Ban of Online Gaming Transactions, Trinidad & Tobago moves to Ban all Gambling

The Caribbean twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago is about to ban online and land-based gambling and has already banned casino slot machines with almost immediate effect after Prime Minister Patrick Manning said that they encouraged vice. Mr. Manning said at his recent budget proposal speech that gaming activities are a 'great concern' to the country. He announced that he would also discontinue the Republic's national lottery and declared that slot machines and casinos were illegal with immediate effect.