Health and Fitness Press Releases

This "Invisible" Glad Could be Just the Answer to Your Fatigue!

Low energy and chronic fatigue is epidemic in this country. Although statistics will vary because the laboratory testing is lacking, one in ten and up to fifty percent of the population suffers from low thyroid function. Despite the recognition of a low thyroid "epidemic", there is more to low energy and chronic fatigue than dysfunctional thyroid issues says Anna Manayan, J.D., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac., NBIMA, Dipl.ABAAHP, a nationally recognized licensed Acupuncturist featured on national TV, MSNBC, local public TV and radio.

Nation's First Naturopathic Direct Primary Care Clinic Announced in Medford, Oregon

Three Southern Oregon Naturopathic Physicians are making history by going changing healthcare for Jackson County residents (beyond) by offering 'free market' primary care to local residents at a flat low monthly rate. Their model is called Direct Primary Care and doesn't require health insurance. Over 1000 doctors across the nation have developed a similar model. Siskiyou Vital Medicine is the first in Southern Oregon to adopt a DPC model and are the 1st Naturopathic doctors to adopt a DPC model for care.

Heart Health: Study Shows Vitamin C as Good as Exercise

Vitamin C is one of the most famous vitamins as it benefits so many areas of health. It isn't stored in the body and its highest sources are fresh vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C strengthens bones and teeth, heals wounds, fights infections, smoothes skin wrinkles (by helping to make collagen), and supports heart and eye health.

New Study Shows Tomato Juice Reduces Waist Size, Body Fat, Body Weight

Who would've known that the red coloring matter in tomatoes is one of the most powerful natural medicines in existence? The red color comes from a healthy plant chemical called lycopene. Lycopene is what makes the tomato a super-food -- one that goes far beyond just providing something tasty to eat.

Dementia Is Not Forgotten Here

Paul Starke, founder of Living Longer Medical Resort, a longevity and natural healing center in Desert Hot Springs California, is concerned about the steadily rising numbers of dementia and Alzheimer's cases with earlier-than-ever onset.

Can Art Heal Cancer?

Yes it can. At least it's a contributing factor to healing, according to science and the Huffington Post.

Study Finds Vitamin C Can Smooth Skin Wrinkles

There are certain foods that can greatly help the appearance of the skin; smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and easing skin dryness. These include healthy proteins, especially oily fish like salmon, as well as quality fats like avocados, almonds and olive oil, and the vitamins A, B, C and E.

Health & Fitness Enthusiast Announces Website Update!

Cindy J. Brooks, a health and fitness enthusiast, announced today the release of her newly revamped and updated weight loss website. The site is a helpful resource, providing proven weight loss and fat loss tips. It is especially for those wanting to lose weight in a healthful way.

Backcare Awareness Week 2014

Employee Backcare Awareness Week is running from the 6th - 10th October 2014. Relaxa & Posture Group are offering a range of back care health packages from as little as £259 AND / OR online posture training from £1 per user, incorporating a range of backcare health promotion activities for all your staff.

New Update to BRC Global Standard for Food Safety - Issue 7

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is now a benchmark requirement which food and drink manufacturing companies wishing to supply retail markets must meet. Food and drink businesses must have a full understanding of the products produced, manufactured and distributed and have systems in place to identify and control hazards significant to food safety.

Device to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers Could Save NHS Over 200 Million a Year

A simple liquid gel shoe insert that could save the NHS over 200 million a year by preventing diabetes related foot ulcers, has been made available on prescription for the first time. At any one time 60,000 people suffer from diabetic related foot ulcers in the UK, each costing an average of £5,500 to treat.

CC Tea Now Available on eBay

CC Tea is a naturally caffeine-free instant lemongrass tea with a subtle citrus flavor and a soothing aroma. It brews into a radiant green tea that is light, clean, zesty and tangy. Made exclusively from Cymbopogon Citratus, CC Tea is 100% organic, natural and pure.

Frontline Smoking Cessation Platform, Quitgate, Challenges CVS Caremark

As the countdown to CVS's decision to call it quits on cigarettes and tobacco-related products continues, Quitgate, a leading smoking cessation platform offering social support, counseling, nicotine replacement therapies and natural stop smoking aids challenges CVS/pharmacy to resist the pressure to begin selling Electronic Cigarettes, also referred to as e-Cigarettes, after the company made its announcement in February 2014 that it plans to stop selling tobacco products and cigarettes. Citing reasons that discontinuing the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products are for the good of its customers and that this positions it as a healthcare leader, however, it is not ...

Launch of New Website and Brand by Bright EXP LLC

Bright EXP LLC are launching a new website for their new brand; "Nature Genesis". The website will be dedicated to provide extensive information about the new brand such as the products' key ingredients, manufacturing process, uses, and benefits, etc. Bright EXP LLC is launching this website to make it easier for their customers to get the necessary information about the new brand.