Home and Family Press Releases

Eden Offers Pest Relief to Haiti

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies will be sending five of their own pest management professionals to assist with pest control efforts in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

How Critical is Curb Appeal?

The curb appeal of your house can do more to help sell it than costly interior renovations. Check out these exterior ideas to raise your bottom line.

Managing Moving Day Mayhem

Moving your family doesn't have to be chaos. Here are some suggestions on how to manage your time and your family for smooth sailing wherever you go.

Skylight Safety a Must

Skylights can add beauty and loftiness to a space but, if installed or maintained incorrectly, they can become a huge burden. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your skylights airy and safe for years to come.

Appliance Safety

There are two main kinds of appliances in your home. Understanding the differences and functions of both will prevent remodeling complications in the future. Here are some handy tips that will have you identifying and maintaining your appliances like a true professional.

Drainage: Avoid Catastrophy

Keeping water away from the foundation is one of the most critical responsibilities of a homeowner. When water has an opportunity to pond (stand), it can lead to severe interior damage to both finishes and furnishings. Water vapor can migrate through concrete as well as through cracks in the soil beneath the foundation. Keep your home safe by using these helpful tips today.

Protect Your Kids This Fall

Unfortunately, each year families of about 200,000 children confront injuries associated with unsafe playground areas and equipment, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. An estimated 51,000 involve home playground equipment, the rest occur at public playgrounds. Most of the injuries are the result of falls. Tragically, about 15 children die each year, most because of strangulation. Fortunately, these tragedies are preventable. Combined with careful adult supervision, proper playground construction and maintenance can greatly minimize the risk of injury to young children.

Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes Right Now

This year, millions of Americans will redecorate, rearrange and remodel their homes. However, "this year millions of Americans will lose money on poor decorating plans", says Richard Roll, president of the American Homeowners Association (AHA)(R). Don't be caught in the trap. Here are the top five decorating dilemmas so that you can stay informed and free.

Digital Home Decoration: Bring Decorating into the New Millenium

Redecorating or refurnishing your home? By now you're probably confused by the wide array of wall coverings, cabinets, furniture styles, flooring, window treatments and other products currently available on the home market. Don't worry, where there's a will, there's a way. There are now interior design programs that let you decorate your home in a multitude of colors and materials right on your PC, complete with 3D renderings of every room, including kitchen and bath.

Air Duct Cleaning Helps Americans Breathe Easier

Cleaning the air ducts in your home can help to eliminate dust, strange odors and improve your breathing. If the inside of your home seems slightly dingy and dusty no matter how often you clean, if you notice a strange odor in your home, and if your family members suffer from chronic respiratory difficulties, it could be time to get the air ducts cleaned.

InSeason Mom Offers Support For First Time Moms Over 35

InSeason Mom offers online support for first time older moms with informative articles such Telling Your Family And Friends About Your Over 40 Pregnancy and You Can Have A Healthy Pregnancy After 35. InSeason Mom Founder Cynthia Wilson James is an older mom who believes older women are flooded with so much negative information about giving birth that they are fearful of having a child. She says the common misconceptions about midlife motherhood is accepted as truth. According to Cynthia, the goal of www.inseasonmom.org is to dispel the misconceptions by exposing the myths with facts. "I want the first time older mom to have support as she works with her physician to ensure the best health care possible," says Cynthia.

Online Auction Sites Face A New Challenge From New Web Based Trading Program

Whilst auction web sites continue to flourish and are great for buyers to find a wide choice of goods at cheap prices, they are not so good for sellers. Listing fees, commission and other overheads are making selling by auction less attractive, so a new web site trading goods for points offers some interesting advantages......

Urgent Call To Pray For Families Of Fallen Servicemen And Women

There is an urgent need for everyone to pray for and support the families of our servicemand and women who are the fallen heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan while fighting for freedom against the terrorists. The Christmas holidays will soon be upon us and now is the time for people in every state of the this great nation to pray for the families of these servicemen and women. This can be done by searching the Internet for lists of US Casualties from Iraqu and Agfhanistan. They are all listed by states. Then contact local churches, newspapers , radio station and television stations and announce that there is a need for support.

Denture Wearers Alert New Do-It-Yourself Denture Liner Introduced

Always soft and comfortable denture liner kit for home use now available: The Weber Denture Liner Kit (Pat. Pend.) is made for wearers of loose, uncomfortable or hurting false teeth. Denture wearers can install the long lasting soft liner themselves at home. It can stabilize and anchor troublesome upper or lower dentures and hold them firmly in place for better comfort and control while: eating, talking and smiling.

Treva Bedinghaus Releases eBook, Once Upon a Party

Treva Bedinghaus, Bradenton mother of three and webmaster of www.partiescometrue.com, has completed a new eBook entitled Once Upon A Party. In the book Treva has compiled several creative birthday party ideas for children.

www.WhyDoesMyPet.com Launches Lets Beat Pet Obesity Campaign

Online pet Q&A service www.WhyDoesMyPet.com is urging pet owners this year to critically assess their pets weight. Conservative estimates are that 25% of cats and dogs in the USA and UK are obese. Often owners are unaware of the health problems obesity can contribute towards, such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Tap Into Inspiriaton

Life Inspiried! A new watering hole for those in need of an inspirational uplift or just a good old fashioned attitude adjustment.