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Quicken 2016 Has Been Released

The newest version of the popular personal financial management software, Quicken 2016 has finally been released. The long-awaited update to the venerable Quicken software line includes several new and improved features, such as bill tracking, phone support, improved transaction downloading, and better synchronization with mobile devices.

Consolidating Debt The Wrong Way Can Land You In More Hot Water!

A New Year is a nice fresh start but often leaves many with credit card hang-overs and regrets for not having been more money smart. Credit card and personal loan consolidation into your home loan can certainly take the sting off monthly repayments, but careful! You can find yourself actually paying more interest in the long term, if you're not money smart about how you do it.

Securities Arbitration: Burned Investors Failure to Fight Back Criticized

FINRA securities arbitration filings of just 4,000 cases in 2011 (through October) means that Occupy Wall Street isn't communicating well or that Wall Street's and FINRA's failure to publicize the ADR non-court program has again made the big investment banks the winners. In this age of super-concern and awareness of financial abuse, why isn't the system to resolve disputes between Wall Street and Main Street used more? A veteran advocate calls out Wall Street, Main Street and OWS.

Mountain Woman Discovers Sure-Fire Job Hunting Method

According to Lucille Falcone, the "job crisis" did not start recently. In fact, rural areas similar to where Falcone grew up have been going through the exact same problems since factories began moving out decades ago.

Identity Protection 4 All Debuts Online

Identity Protection 4 All was created to help people gain more control of an out-of-control situation. When a person's private information gets stolen, clearing their name becomes a battle that can take years to win.

Save Home from Foreclosure

New powerful tool to help save home from foreclosure was recently launched and introduced to homeowners who are in the process of obtaining a successful loan modification and other debt related issues to equip themselves before they present their applications to the lender.

How to Make it and Keep It Estate Planning Seminar

Come to Salt Lake City, Utah 28 February to 1 March 2011 for two days of customized, fine tuned estate planning seminar. With this uncertain economy, you've got to do what you can to protect your hard earned money. With Congress extending the Bush Tax Cut Extensions, things are much more complicated. Realtors and property investors are going bankrupt at a record pace. Small business owners and are barely squeaking by. At Lee R. Phillips' "How to Make It and Keep It" estate planning seminar, you can sure sure you're not one of them.