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Children's Grief Awareness Day in Washington, DC

One in 20 children will experience the death of a parent before they graduate high school. Children's Grief Awareness Day is a day focused on bringing to mind the children all around us who have experienced the death of a loved one -- children who typically feel very alone in the journey of grief they travel.

Droisys Again Recognized As a Top IT Consulting Firm

Droisys, leading IT consultancy and software developer, has once more been recognized by INC. magazine for the fifth year in a row as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA. Droisys innovative ideas drive 140% year-on-year growth.

Virginia Chutney Company's Exotic Tastes - Buy Chutneys Online

Virginia Chutney offers you chutney online which is rich in taste like the traditional Chutney which are peach, apple, and green tomatoes often served with ham, cold chicken and roast pork. The other ideas are also followed by Virginia chutney to offer many more special varieties of major grey chutney.

New Book Affirms Life as You Cope with Death

CreateSpace, an Amazon company and print-on-demand publisher, announces the release of Harriet Hodgson's new book, "101 Affirmations to Ease Your Grief Journey: Words of Comfort, Words of Hope." Hodgson wrote this concise resource after losing four loved ones.

Angels for Hope

To help those in need of encouragement and hope is why this organization exists.

Shine On Brightly

Shine On Brightly, the online gallery for memorial art, was launched in 2008 - the result of a lifelong passion for art, love for people and their stories, and lots of research on the changing trends around life and death rituals (especially among babyboomers).

Restore Your Memorials Kidderminster to their Former Glory with Revolutionary New Service

It is a sad fact that during the passage of time a memorial or headstone - a wonderfully fitting tribute to a much-missed love one - will become damaged, through either weathering, natural wear and tear or, unfortunately, vandalism. The good news however is that an expert restoration service from a professional specialist can return your memorials Kidderminster to their former glory.

Allowing Grieving Families to Let Memories Live on Forever

A Memorial ebook allows families and friends to gather and share special photos and stories to celebrate the life of a loved one. This innovative new business brings people together at a time of need and helps them deal with the grieving process. Imagine receiving photos of your loved one that you never knew existed.

2 In 3 People Wrongly Believe All Willwriters Are Solicitors

Latest research by UK's only organisation to offer nationally accredited qualifications in will writing and probate practice has brought to light the need for consumers to further check the abilities of the person dealing with their will, as 67% believe all willwriters are actually trained solicitors which is not always the case.

Cheap Pest Control Is Exercised In Every Where In India

Bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, pests, lizards, rats, termites and wood boarers etc are every where in India. Therefore, pest Control Company India offers a complete pests control to help masses against infestation of these very pests.

Reductil is Under Review by FDA

Reductil should be avoided if you have medical history of "coronary artery disease, congestive HF, arrhythmias or stroke". Reductil is only taken after prescription by the physician.

Shine On Brightly Honors Life with Art

Shine On Brightly is the ultimate source for unique, personalized memorial art. What is memorial art? It's cremation urns in a variety of materials and styles: memorial jewelry, memorial paintings, handmade books, memorial glass objects, memorial poetry, textile art, and more. It's an expression of love and honor for a loved one, person or pet, who has passed. The company was founded in April 2008 by Adrienne Crowther, from a lifelong passion for art, and the belief that every life deserves to be honored and celebrated.

Family Secrets

Just in time, when you feel like you are going to burst from hiding your family secrets, comes a fresh and insightful book that explores the mind and voice of a child announcing her family secret of incest, abuse, and betrayal

Caring For Graves Across The UK

A unique grave and memorial tending service has launched today, providing caring maintenance across the UK. Headquartered in rural Worcestershire, they have a team of professional grave carers covering the country.

Widow Lives Again By Slapping Fear in the Face

Death and grief leave the surviving family members devastated and lacking understanding, not only the caregiver or spouse, but the children left behind. A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss is the author's personal struggle following the year-long illness and subsequent death of her husband due to esophageal cancer.

God a Logs on Living and Dying

"God a Logs on Living and Dying" is a journal for those caring for a loved one who is dying or a dying patient to share their final thoughts. This book is a keepsake for years to come.