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Pregnancy: Not Just a Nine Month Stint Anymore

Before Conception Health, a Desert Hot Springs healing resort, adds proven conception protocol for women wanting to start a family. According to current medical research, of vital concern to any woman considering getting pregnant should be detoxifying her baby's first home: The womb. Paul Starke, co-founder of this health resort, wants to make sure that, no woman overlooks the most important consideration of all: Getting her body to become a healthy environment for making a healthy baby prior to conception.

Award-Winning Online Parenting Classes Approved for CEU Credit

The award-winning online parenting classes offered by Priceless Parenting are now approved for CEU credit in California and Washington. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) can receive continuing education credit.

New Book "Unleash the Rebel Within" Maps Out an Unconventional Path Toward Personal Growth and Self-Actualization, Encourages Readers to Buck Conformity and People-Pleasing Behaviors

Therapist Rebecca Newel believes the rebellious side of human nature, which lurks deep inside even the most conventional of people, is a powerful and important creative force. Not only that, the rebel spirit encourages a greater sense of self-worth, empowerment and vitality. Her recently released book, "Unleash the Rebel Within," explores how anyone can rediscover their authentic self via their inner rebel.

Bilingual Education Site Reaches 1 Month Old

Livingbilingual.com is a newly-minted bilingual education site with an emphasis on fathers and the fathers role in raising bilingual children. It also touches on cultural issues; differences, similarities, and unique peculiarities among various cultures.

The Website of Erase Me Out, Inc Crashes Due to Traffic

The new website had a spike in new customers and the system got swamped and crashed. The system was built to handle a steady rate of usage. When the high traffic spike occurred, the system got overloaded and shut down the search component of the site.

ABC Favors Announces Restructuring of Company

Find unique and personalized baby shower favors, games, supplies, decorations, invitations and much more at ABC Favors. We have unique supplies and gifts for wedding and birthday party themes.

Super Moms Coaching Announces New Support Groups for Parents Who Want to Reclaim Their Family!

Parenting brings with it the purest form of joy known to mankind as well as the most intense frustration and agonizing pain ever! All parents can get weighed down occasionally from the demands of parenting; however the pressure can be especially overwhelming when dealing with ongoing issues related to single parenting, or parenting a child with behavioral challenges such as ADHD, Autism and troubled teenagers. Now there's a new resource parents can draw on for information and support to help them successfully accomplish the most important work they will ever do; that of creating a loving home where family members happily thrive, no matter what the difficult behavioral challenges!

Pregnancy Tips for Labor and Birth by Parenting Blog

Of the joys and challenges one faces in life, nothing is more extraordinary than having your baby. Meeting your baby for the first time is really quite memorable. However, every mum's birth experience is different. From the moment you start labor to the time you give birth, you will experience many changes and challenges that in some way seem similar to others but in reality is unique only to you.