Industry: Paper Forest Products Press Releases

Georgia-Pacific Announces Leadership Change For Georgia-Pacific Professional Washroom And Wiper Solutions

Bill Sleeper, president - Georgia-Pacific Professional Washroom and Wiper Solutions, has announced his decision to retire from the company in January 2012 after more than 40 years of service. Effective immediately, Scott Light, currently president - Communications Papers, will assume leadership for the Washroom and Wiper business, and has been promoted to president - Georgia-Pacific Professional Washroom and Wiper Solutions and Communication Papers.

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement with BlueStar, Inc.

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc, a manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, tags and other media, specializing in RFID, announced the signing of a distribution agreement with BlueStar, Inc., the leading global innovator in solutions-based distribution for Auto ID, POS, Mobility, RFID, Digital Signage, and ID and Security products, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Thermamark branded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labeling products.

Credit Card Terminal Paper - Why is it So Important?

Credit card terminal paper is the paper used in credit card terminals to produce receipts every time a transaction takes place. Without this paper it is useless to have c card as there is no evidence that the card was swiped and the person using the card was the actual holder of it.

Paper Log Maker - Recycling Gadget Helps the Environment

"Paper Log Maker" announced this week the launch of its new website. Based out of London in the United Kingdom, the site provides users with information about the useful gadgets that transform old newspapers or scrap paper into simple logs of fuel.

Teaching Trends Announces Innovative Approach to Education

Teaching Trends Announces Innovative Approach to Education Teaching Trends, a resource used by teachers and parents, announces an innovative approach to finding educational materials for schools, parents and teachers to use in the classroom.

Custom Sawyer Will Demonstrate Her New Portable Sawmill at Oregon Logging Conference

Gia Carrozzi, expert sawyer and owner of True Cut Custom Milling in the heart of Humboldt County, will demonstrate her New Portable sawmill at the Oregon Logging Conference February 19-21, 2009. Gia will discuss and demonstrate her portable sawmill to people who are interested in buying a portable mill. They can get a close-up look, and even try it out themselves to see what it's like, and if it's right for them.

Canada Joins New World Bioenergy Association

Douglas Bradley, President of the Canadian Bioenergy Association (CANBIO) was appointed to represent Canada as a Board Member on the newly formed World Bioenergy Association (WBA). "Finding the best paths for sustainable biomass use is a global challenge, requiring global solutions," said Mr. Bradley. "But the bioenergy industry is fragmented compared to other renewables such as wind and solar power; biomass ranges from animal waste to leftover wood, and end uses range from heat and power to renewable products that can replace synthetic chemicals and plastics. But for bioenergy to take off, we need to speak with one voice - this is what the World Bioenergy Association is all about."