Industry: Tobacco Press Releases

Fine Cigar Cutter For Fine Taste Only On CigarsDirect

We all are aware with the fact that cigars are made up of dried leaves and paper wrapper. The taste and aroma of cigar depends upon its size and the paper wrapped over it. So, you need the cutter that could work with delicate touch. One must remember that a perfect cigar cutter should precisely cut a small hole in the rounded end.

Patented LitE Clip Solves The Common Smoker Problem

The creation of the patented, ergonomically designed LitE Clip solves a common problem experienced by millions of cigarette smokers, every day, lost or misplaced lighters. The LitE Clip enables the user to simply attach most mini-lighters onto any cigarette package. The LitE Clip is specially designed for easy removal and replacement.