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Lost for Gift Ideas for Someone Special? Now ... the Perfect Gift Every Time and All Arranged for You

Australia's first ever Personalised Gift Service will launch in Sydney on Monday, November 20th. Sydney-based Assisting U 2 Connect is about to launch their latest unique service to help busy people. Assisting U 2 Connect will arrange your special event for you - a weekend away, a night out or a special day to cherish forever. Imagine a sumptuous stretch limo arriving at your front door, complete with flowers, champagne and chocolates, then driving you to an exclusive restaurant with select bookings for you and your special someone. And all you had to do to arrange this was make one simple phone call.

Cosmic Ordering for the Stars

Remember the guy who made a fortune selling a million pixels off his homepage? Well now, a new cosmic ordering phenomenon is promising to make people stars, with a similarly unique idea. And you don't have to be a celebrity to do it.

Are We Wasting Your Time With New Years Resolutions?

Every year millions of people make New Years Resolutions and decide to change their lives. Within just a couple of weeks the vast majority have given up on their resolutions and are still living their normal life.

America Needs Healing: Heal Yourself Radio Has Answers

For those that suffer from depression, health concerns, financial problems, or unbalance in their lives in any way would do well to check out Heal Yourself Talk Radio, a ground breaking internet radio show discussing natural and alternatives ways to happy healthy living. Among the shows expert speakers are Chipo Shambare, speaker, facilitator/coach and owner of Healing Bridge, Kim Emerson, public speaker, author, mentor/coach of the Law of Attraction, and owner of, and Linda Alexander motivational author and speaker.

Cop Out

How a former police officer became a fugitive from justice for 22 years.

Romance And Love

Have you any experience to have a Date? In fact our experience in dating is past affairs just like the tides.

An Audio With Attitude

LifesGift Publications announces release of new CD 'Your New Life Attitude' For an expert in the paranormal industry to discuss the spirit world may be a common topic, but to listen to a paranormal expert focus on the value of life daily before understanding the life-after may be quite unique indeed.

Vamoose® Kits for Permanent Removal of Tobacco Odors Caused by Cigarettes Pipes and Cigars Now Available

Vamoose®, which has been independently tested and verified as the only commercially available odor eliminator with long-term odor removal for Cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars by organically converting the sources of the odors, is now available in Service Kits for Commercial Service Companies. Service companies, Franchise Service Groups, Hotels, motels, apartment facilities, Real Estate Companies, restaurants, car dealers, rug and duct cleaning companies, schools, and consumers can now easily purchase complete treatment kits and add additional service offerings for car and room treatment of Tobacco Odors.

Rave Fanatic Starts Rave 180 Blog

The Rave 180 Blog readers can keep up with the latest Rave trends and news.The topics like rave music, rave parties, and rave clothing.

New, Unique Tutoring Club Launches That Focuses on Kids With ADHD

The Tutoring Club at is offering something most other online tutoring services do not. It offers help specifically for the child with ADHD. It offers these children and their families hope, optimism, and the possibility to overcome a label that can be devastating!

Prom Paramour Starts Prom 365 Blog

With the Prom 365 Blog readers can keep up with the latest prom trend news! Are you interested in topics like hottest prom hairstyles? How about inexpensive prom gowns and fashion item news? This is the place for you!

Home Safety Site Saves Lives and Money

New home safety site that is the first on-line general member community focused on family and pet safety at home. "Protecting you and yours in and from your home" is the goal of the site. While designed to protect and avoid needless and life-altering injuries at home, members also receive a report that shows how to request a safety discount from home insurance premiums that are often greater than the cost of the annual membership of only $36, or less than 10 cents a day.

Online Dating Advocate Starts Online Dating 180 Blog

With the Online Dating 180 readers can keep up with the latest news and stories about online dating! Are you interested in finding your soul mate and reading about subjects like free online dating? This is the place for you!

Event And Speakers Services

Are you a company that wants to have more control over your training budget? Or maybe you're a speaker that wishes to reach a greater number of people? Perhaps you're looking for new ways to motivate and empower your employees and clients? If YES then please read on.

Infodoro Announces The Release Of Its Digital Lifestyle Application, Online Shopping List Manager (a web property of Arlak LLC) released its digital lifestyle application, the 'online Shopping List Manager'. This application lets users create, update, store and share their shopping lists, online. The application promises to ease the chore of shopping routine items through its rich user interface, the ability to easy access, filter and customization of the shopping lists.