Lifestyle: Retirement Press Releases

Creative Retirement for Women

Turn the retirement crisis into a personal success by designing solutions based on your personality. Solve the common problems in your relationship before they occur. Take advantage of and expand on the most powerful tool of the single woman. Learn to customize a plan for better quality of life and longevity.

Weiss Ratings Launches Unique Medicare Planning Tool for Seniors

Weiss Ratings launches unbiased Medicare planner with user-specific pricing for all Medicare plans to help consumers select a comprehensive retirement healthcare. The Medicare Power Planner guides consumers through a series of straightforward selections to determine the best possible combination of Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, supplemental plans, and prescription drug plans for their personal coverage needs. All Medicare plan prices; All in one place. And no insurance agent will contact the consumer unless they specifically request it.

Forex-Assistant Solves Retirement Mystery

The Forex-Assistant research group discovered that one of the main reasons people didn't start a retirement plan, was that they didn't know where to begin. Still others believed that they had to have some large amount of money set aside before they could even get started on their retirement program. However the Forex-Assistant has changed the way people plan for retirement.

Prince Edward County Holds Steady as a Retirement Paradise

Sandbank Homes Inc. has developed the perfect solution for the active retiree. The housing development sits in front of an unprecedented growing tidal wave of retirees flooding out of the workforce. After years of toiling in the hustle and bustle of city life these 'Boomers' are seeking an alternative setting to spend their lives, but without compromising their standard of living. A place that combines a peaceful setting, a sense of community, the amenities they are accustomed to and a home of the calibre they deserve.

People's Financial Advisor Helps You Grow Your Net Worth

People's Financial Advisor helps individuals increase their net worth by developing a customized plan segmented into four measurable pieces of Savings, Investment gains, Real estate (home) appreciation, and Debt reduction/amortization based on personalized set of recommendations.

Life Insurance with a Perk

Sixty-two percent of bankruptcies are medical bankruptcies, and most of them had health insurance at the time of the onset of the illness. This is according to a Harvard Study. Leveraging Life Insurance can save you financially.

Pendleton Manor Of Greenville Marks The Completion Of A $1 Million Renovation

Pendleton Manor is excited to announce the completion of a $1 Million renovation to our Greenville, SC assisted living community. The community has been entirely renovated throughout the whole property under the guidance and direction of owner David Schonberg, of Schonberg & Associates, who performed the overhaul with the needs and requirements of each resident in mind.

Senior Living in Atlanta - St George Village

St. George Village takes a different approach to senior living in Atlanta. Built as a "Life Care Community", the Atlanta retirement community caters to seniors who seek the security and convenience of various levels of care customized to their individual needs.

St George Village - Atlanta Retirement Community

St. George Village, an Atlanta retirement community, provides the highest level of life care services to its residents through its Wellington Court health center. The life care offered by Wellington Court is one of the most important aspects of the full service care offered by the health center and is designed to fit the changing needs of its residents over time.

St George Village Senior Housing in Atlanta with Superior Health Care

St. George Village offers a sense of community combined with superior health care for people seeking senior housing in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. On a personal level, one of the major issues that seniors living alone have to deal with is a sense of isolation and loneliness

Coastal Property For Sale UK - Bed and Breakfast Opportunity

It is not often that the opportunity presents itself in the U.K. to own a luxurious property that is situated right on a stretch of beautiful unspoilt beach. Even less so when the property concerned has a built in business attached. However, that is the case with a fabulous five bedroom detached villa situated on the stunning Co. Down coastline in Northern Ireland.

New Website Makes A Fun Active Retirement Easy

A new website aims to make retirement an active and fulfilling time. There are suggestions for holidays, leisure pursuits, work opportunities, and guidance on technology for those who need it. The website is compiled by retired people for retired people, and encourages its readers to submit their own articles and suggestions for the site.

Life Coaching Starter Kit

Could the answer to enjoying your retirement be hiring a Life Coach? Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, says "Everyone needs a coach." Google has enjoyed phenomenal growth under his leadership. What would it mean to you to have a phenomenal retirement?

Small Business Owners, Self-Employed to Learn About Protecting Assets From Illness, Injury

Bankruptcy is a very scary word. It's even more terrifying when the cause of that bankruptcy is overwhelming medical bills. Small business owners and the self-employed find themselves at the greatest risk for this type of catastrophe. As a service to those who may someday find themselves in this precarious situation, David Dykstra of Edward Jones Investments is hosting "Protecting Your Assets", a seminar to inform and educate small business owners and the self-employed about asset protection, conducted by Butch Zemar of Elite Benefits, an expert in the health care insurance for small business field.

Thailand Holiday Homes - Demand Increases in Pattaya

Thailand Holiday homes has been keeping a close eye on the villa and property sector over the last few months around Thailand and the financial outlook for Pattaya is continuing to improve if the construction and holiday home sector is any guideline.

When Social Security Forgets, It's No Senior Moment

Only 1 in 400,000 people know or use a little-known Social Security rule they called 'the restart provision'. It can help you raise your Social Security by thousands of dollars after you're 62. Why do so free people know it exists? Because most of the people who work in Social Security offices have forgotten.

Baby Boomers Keep Their Jobs During the Recession

The share of older Americans over 55 years of age who have jobs has risen during the recession, while the share of younger Americans with jobs has plunged, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"I'm Spending my Kids' Inheritance" - This is a Bumper Sticker But Becoming All so True Today

With the change in the financial environment in this country and many around the world, it is becoming a matter of survival for most retirees who are looking for sources of money. In the past many parents felt that they would leave their children the fruits of their lives with insurances, real estate, and investments. This has all changes in a big way almost over night. With the decline of investment portfolios and major decline in real estate values, many seniors are in dire straits for money to live off of not to mention pay for insurance and taxes which are on the rise.