Medical: Addiction Press Releases

TestCountry Launches New Website

TestCountry's new and improved website offers customers a bevy of new features. Launched July, the new boasts a new Rewards program, improved user experience.

Rosecrance Health Network Offers Residential Treatment Programs

Make your life happy and beautiful by eradicating addictions such as drugs, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opiate, etc, Rosecrance Health Network is providing marvelous care and solution in their rehab center based in Chicago. Here, the solutions and treatments offer practical approach and practical solution to offer quick recoveries.

Rosecrance Health Network Offers Substance Abuse Treatment

Rosecrance Health Network services provide flawless substance abuse treatment to the patients. The health organization is non-profitable addiction treatment provider in Chicago. The organization provides inpatient and outpatient healthcare services in the United States. Inpatient treatment for substance abuse and also outpatient are based on evidence-based treatment provided to the patients.

LDR Holistic Addiction Center Is A Leading Addiction Treatment Center In Canada

This press release informs readers that LDR Holistic Addiction Treatment center in Canada helps people using addictive substances or having problematic obsessive compulsive behavioral issues to achieve a complete recovery by changing their lifestyle completely. The center has become an important addiction treatment center in the country owing to its holistic approach and tailor made programs.

Visit our Addiction Detox Center on a California Beach

The New Horizon Recovery detox center is acknowledged as a modern 21st century detox center. It has truly changed the way a detox center should look and feel. This one, in particular, has the appearance of a beach resort rather than a rehab center.

Drug Rehab Treatment Center Offers First Class Holistic Approach to Treatment

LDR Holistic Treatment is offered both across Canada and the United States of America. They have a large selection of Professional Interventionist who use a number of drug intervention approaches. Their intake & referral line will work with all parties involved to match you with the best possible interventionist. Their main goals are; a) Breaking the loved-ones away from the abusive patterns caused by addiction b) Crystallizing that the addict has a choice and treatment is a viable option.

Hair Drug Testing

In hair drug testing we measure the drug molecules embedded inside the hair shaft and is not effected by shampoo, bleaches or any other chemical.

Documentary Shows the Truth About Drugs

From now until October 31st, in honor of Red Ribbon Week, (October 24 - 30), the Church of Scientology is inviting the community to it historic Fort Harrison to view the 1 hour 42 minute documentary "The Truth About Drugs".

South Coast Recovery Drug Rehabilitation

Determining the correct drug rehabilitation center for you embodies a vital role in drug rehabilitation. South Coast Recovery offers up an unparalleled recovery experience.

Discover How Smoke Deter Can Help You Quit Smoking

Millions of Americans are still having issues with smoking, and although they know the harmful effects of smoking, they continue to inhale the harmful chemicals from this product. Smoke Deter helps

Drug Rehab Centers - The Road To Recovery

A Center For Recovery is an addiction treatment center which aims to provide specialized treatment for drug alcohol or substance abuse problems. They offer the finest treatment for drug and alcohol addiction which is affordable and suiting for individual needs.

D of E Strengthens Ties With Partners - Trimega Head Speaks at Event

It can be a surprise to some to learn that drug testing can be conducted on young people. With the problem of growing drug use affecting youth, it becomes more important than ever to monitor any such activities and ensure that they are not getting involved in any risky and dangerous behavior, or indulging in illegal drugs that have serious ramifications on their health and their lives. According to statistics obtained by the NHS Information Centre, young people are experimenting more with alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, with cannabis use 8 percent in the North East to 12 percent in the North West of England.